Bring Max to your gym to teach the most up to date, effective methods

Workshops will be tailored to fit your preferences and are guaranteed to deliver skills. Contact Max for details and scheduling.

Bodyweight Training

Acquire a treasure chest of proven bodyweight training secrets to level up your strength and power. (One Day Workshop)

Ultimate Athleticism

Using principles that emphasize and refine overall athleticism at a human level, you are able to jump into any sport or activity, and with the smallest amount of practice, dominate. This is what it means to be an Ultimate Athlete. Do LESS, be able to do MORE. (Two Day Workshop)

HKC-Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

Beginners course in Kettlebell basics. How to coach the most fundamental movements for maximum safety and efficiency. (One Day Workshop)

RKC-Russian Kettlebell Certification

Get your Black Belt in Kettlebells. Significantly more demanding than the HKC with an even more in depth focus on coaching and structuring your business to work well with kettlebells. An absolute must for anyone looking to use kettlebells at their training facility. (Three Day Workshop)

RKC II- Level 2 Russian Kettlebell Certification

Ready to expand upon your RKC knowledge and establish yourself as a leader in the kettlebell world? You’ll also develop significant new levels of power, strength, conditioning and physical resilience (Three Day Workshop)

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