Ultimate Athleticism Challenge #3

First off, let me just say what a great job everyone has done on the previous two challenges which can be found here(#1) and here(#2). If you haven’t tried them, give it a go, it’s fun.

This months challenge is less about physical strength and skill and more about a commitment to better regardless of the scenario. If you value your movement quality more than potential embarrassment (although really, what is there to be embarrassed about?) then that means you’ve really got your priorities straight.

You love movement? Let’s prove it!

The challenge: Do a #5minuteflow in a public place where a lot of other people are sitting down.

I did mine at the airport and upon further review had a fair amount of people spectate. One couple even started up a conversation, which gave me the opportunity to explain to them why I was doing it, what the benefits were, and how easily they could do it themselves.

So here’s how it works:
1) Find a public place (preferably one where a lot of people are sitting down, inactive)
2) Do a 5 minute flow
3) Post using Instagram or Facebook
4) Tag #ultimateathleticism and #5minuteflow and @maxshank 
5) Win awesome prizes (I will give away 3 prizes to my favorite 5 minute flows done in public.

It’s that easy! Congrats again to the last two winners from our blindfolded single leg deadlift-airborne lunge-single leg squat challenge who both got free copies of Ultimate Athleticism.

Better Every Day,

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