Ultimate Athleticism Challenge #1

Normally I tend to think that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. However, I see value in a challenge because sometimes it can show you where you need to improve. So to facilitate this improvement, I’ve come up with a series of challenges that should show a balance of well-rounded athleticism.

Plus it’ll be fun.

So this first challenge is a nice combination of several key components that help make up a well-rounded athlete:

Single Arm Hang Power Snatch
This is a great demonstration of the ability to transfer of energy from the legs through the torso to the arm and full body explosiveness.

1/2 Kneeling Press
This is a great example of core strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and upper body pushing strength.

Overhead Walking Lunge
I don’t typically program walking lunges for beginners because it gets ugly in a hurry. However, I think properly done, they are great for showing single leg strength, balance, and coordination. Adding one-sided overhead component makes it a serious challenge from an overall coordination and athleticism standpoint.

All right so how do we do this challenge?

1. Start with a dumbbell and perform a hang power snatch.
2. Keep the weight overhead and drop into a lunge position (1/2 kneeling)
3. Lower the weight and Press it back up.
4. Lunge 10m while keeping the weight overhead.
5. Repeat on other side.

Can you do all of the above? With 1/2 bodyweight in one hand? How many rounds can you get in?

Ladies, try with 1/3 bodyweight. This is just a number, the main thing is to find out which part of the movement is most difficult and see where you currently are with this combination of athletic moves.

Share with me on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #uachallenge. Prizes will be thrown your way (books, gear, not to mention pride of accomplishment).

Better every day,

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