Train Your Front Butt

This year I saw a talk given by Dr. David Tiberio in which he referenced the “front butt.” This front butt is essentially the hip flexors, adductors, and internal rotators (basically all the opposites of the butt muscles we all know and train).

The essence of the talk was that if you don’t train the front butt, you will likely get injured, or at least perform at a suboptimal level.

This makes sense. As I state in Simple Shoulder Solution, if you have an imbalance of muscle tension or strength on opposite sides of a joint, it will get pulled out of its ideal position–which increases the risk of injury and decreases performance. For example, if you had really strong and tight biceps, but weak triceps, you will likely have an elbow problem (that may or may not eventually cause havoc to the wrist or shoulder).

By that same logic, if you have a very strong butt, and a very weak front butt, you are going to create some hip issues, which may have adverse effects on the knee or low back. Remember, if you have a dysfunction in one area, you piss off the neighbors.

L-sit, Ultimate Athleticism

Tuck Sits fire up the Front Butt

Not only that, but if improved athletic performance is your goal, that will involve sprinting. Sprinting requires both powerful hip extension AND equally powerful hip flexion.

Think back for a second and ask yourself, “When was the last time I really trained the front side of my hip?”

Below are some strategies to train the front butt, and increase your health and performance.

Try these Front Butt Movements:

  • Unilateral Hip Flexion Movements (great to pair with single leg deadlifts or lunges)
  • Standing Hip Flexion with Mini-Band (bent leg)
  • Active Leg Raise
  • Bilateral Hip Flexion Movements (great to pair with deadlifts/squats)
  • Tuck sit to V-Sit
  • Hanging Leg Raise with Block Squeeze
  • Cross-Body Anterior Chain (great core and front butt combo)
  • Crawling
  • One arm One Leg Plank

Give these movements a try and then re-evaluate how your normal squatting and hinging movements feel afterward. Don’t be surprised if you see an immediate improvement!

Train the whole butt, not just the backside.

Better Every Day,

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2 thoughts on “Train Your Front Butt

  • Chris Cox

    I had always read that most people have tight hip flexirs and weak glutes and you should stretch hip flexors and activate and work the hell out of the glutes. It kinda made sense for people who sit all the time but watching videos of elite sprinters and seeing them do a lot of hip flexion strengthening made me think twice, and more research led me to the conclusion that training hip flexion is under utilized and also very important. After incorporating banded hip flexion drills both standing and supine done for higher reps (12-15) and lower reps done explosively my sprinting speed and mechanics have improved. I also feel like I’m strong all around and not just strong in the posterior chain.

  • Scott

    Such a simple yet effective way to think about it, I can’t wait to start implementing some of these into my training.
    Thank you Max, much appreciated