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The Movement Flow Workshop is a thorough, educational, and unassuming course that enables participants to explore their own movement potential. You leave with a good understanding & knowledge of joint mobilizations and the tools to put together your own 5 Minute Flow. As a healthcare professional, I found Max to be a great teacher. He is well versed in his craft and shows tremendous enthusiasm for his passion. Highly recommended.
-Katie Sniffen

Max is an excellent instructor! He takes the sometimes complex & elusive topic of "How To Get Really Strong Using Just Your Bodyweight" & presents it in an easy to understand way. (Especially the progressions with the Isometric work!) I have seen immediate strength improvements in my weak areas & am now stronger overall with it! (Thank You Max!!) I highly recommend anyone wanting to get stronger & more athletic seek Max out & learn from him!!
10/10 K.I.S.S.
- Bobby Doss / Indianapolis, In., USA

I’m very strong. I like strength, power, speed, and muscular development. Too much of this stiffens you up. I was able to move more like a child again today and learned valuable lessons on how better mobility helps the athlete move more weight with less pain while shortening recovery time.
-Ben Landry

Max was my RKC instructor doing my RKC certification. His coaching was concise, simple and effective. I walked away learning just as much about coaching as I did about kettle bells. His knowledge and expertise was extensive and I truly enjoyed working with him. He instantly makes one feel very comfortable and at ease (despite the tense environment) and the certification was much less stressful thanks to him.
10/10 Strong, yet humble
- Kelsey Reed / Annandale, USA

I spent most of my athletic training career doing passive stretching. I wasn’t introduced to active stretching techniques until I started training at ambition. This definitely has given me a lot more options for stretching where I can not only increase my range of motion but I also understand now what my body responds to and what it sees as a potential threat. I will definitely be able to take this on board and improve my range of motion in my 11shoulders which has always been a weak point for me. THANKS!!!
- Bob Koenig

I had no idea that my breathing, eye movement, and strength had anything to do with my flexibility. Your flexibility workshop has changed everything in terms of how I think of my training and flexibility work.
Fantastic workshop.
- Julie Zizka

Very informative. Max is a great communicator; he makes the information relatable and easy to understand. I am Looking forward to applying the drills to my training and clients.
- David Leddick

When it comes to personal trainers, Max is the real deal. He balances a keen understanding of his client's goals and beliefs about what they can do, with his vision for what it is they really can do. He gently encourages you past your own limitations with an eye toward well-balanced, healthy, sustainable results. He is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with and he makes going to the gym fun (if not a big, sweaty mess). I highly recommend Max if you're interested in getting results.
10/10 Professional w/attention to details!
- Forrest / Solana Beach, CA

Max got me results, period. I only trained with him for about 4 months and I was completely prepared for the physical side of college sports. He listened to me, assessed what I needed, and delivered in full. My strength and conditioning went through the roof, I never get tired anymore! Max will make you stronger and faster.
- Mark / Del Mar

Max has worked with me on weight loss, overall fitness, toning, strength, and rehab from shoulder surgery. Results? Amazing! In a remarkable period of time, I lost 60 pounds and did it in a healthy manner. I am strong and have boundless energy. With Max's help, I have maintained my weight loss for over one year now, even while I was recovering from shoulder surgery. But in addition to Max helping me reach my fitness goals, I have a lot of fun with Max. He is a true professional, skillfully guiding my workouts and making it enjoyable.
10/10 Master of the Game
- Cheri / San Diego, CA

Before this course I was having trouble finding ways to get mobile. Simply foam rolling and stretching were not enough and now I feel like I have the tools to keep my joints mobile and healthy. -Joaquin Sullivan
I have trained with NFL and NCAA Division 1 strength coaches in my younger days and never achieved the improvements I received from working out with Max. He helped me, through nutrition and strength training, to lose 70 pounds of fat while putting on 20-25 pounds of muscle. For the first time in my life, I had detail in my abs while never doing a sit-up or crunch. Max understands the human body, its movement and function. He knows how to motivate you, push you and achieve your best. After training with Max, I have been able to do feats of strength I could never do, even 20 years ago when in my athletic prime. More than his knowledge and motivation, Max is a great person. He's humble and unassuming. You will not find a better trainer on the planet! Do yourself a favor and contact Max today for a better tomorrow. Max, you are the best!
10/10 back from the dead
- Dwayne OConnor / Indianapolis formerly San Marcos

After a life of surfing, beach volleyball, karate, squash, and racquetball I ruined my back and spent three weeks on the couch on pain killers and six weeks gimping around feeling I was all washed up. I went to two different chiropractors (one a bone cruncher and the other a physical therapist style tissue/massage guy), also a massage tech, and a acupuncturist.All to no avail. I was told I might not play squash again. On my first visit to Max I went through range of motion testing and was rated only one step above a cripple. I was expecting a typical grunt and groan workout program. Much to my suprise I have spent the last five weeks doing what Max calls myo~facial release. All the exercises are taken home for corresponding homework exercises. I am back playing high level squash and racquetball and am better than before my back injury, Max says I have a ways to go before I really feel the benefits of opening up my hips, shoulders, etc. I feel I owe Max credit for extending my sports career and tell everyone I meet my story.
10/10 Skater-aid
- Leo Gurnoe / Encinitas, California

I have been training with Max for months now, and he is the best personal trainer/strength coach I've ever had. He tailors the workouts to my abilities as well as what I need to improve on and strengthen. He doesn't just make sure I keep fit, and grow stronger, he also makes sure I have good mobility and flexibility. He not only wants me to be strong and in shape now, but sans joint or mobility issues when I'm older. He knows his stuff, and keeps updated on all the latest and best ways to train. He motivates me without intimidating me, keeps things fresh, communicates well, and makes me put in the effort to get results fast. Max is an exemplary trainer, and I love training with him!
10/10 results-oriented training
- Steph / San Diego, CA

Ten years of sprains, dislocations and broken bones had left my body in a pretty haggard state. I'd been to numerous doctors and sports medicine clinics in hopes of finding a way to lessen my day to day pain. None of them were able to do what Max helped me to do, train the pain away. I was referred to Max after a long and particularly unsuccessful year of physical therapy for shoulder and knee injuries due to trauma from skateboarding. Right away Max was able to identify the weaknesses in my movements (using the Functional Movement Screen) that were contributing to my chronic pain and stiffness. In two sessions he had me confidently pressing a weight over my head (more than I had lifted in a year) and squatting deep without pain in my knee.He puts a lot of emphasis on teaching perfect form which helped greatly. Max keeps training simple, efficient and above all effective. He has an eye for what will be beneficial nothing superficial. I really liked how approachable he was as a trainer. He understood that I was skater desperately trying to get back to pursuing my passion and he tailored a program to get me thrashing again. 10/10 Get it done
BEN / Madison Wisconsin

I was a scrawny kid my whole life, and with Max's guidence, was able to replace the only 5% of body fat I had for 20 lbs of quality muscle. Improved speed, explosiveness, flexibility, and fixed shoulder/back problems from competitive tennis. Go get a fancy gym memberships to flirt with trainers, sample every supplement, and an excuse to try out new workout clothes while your fitness idles. Join Ambition Athletics for real results. Whether you're just starting out, or already a competitive athlete, Max will help you improve towards your goals.
10/10 Total Mutant......and Great Coach
- By Marcus / Del Mar, CA

Since my late teens I’ve trained under some of the masters of the martial arts world and spent years in gyms doing typical weight training. I was able to maintain a certain level of fitness but wasn’t aware of the gaps in my approach. Enter Max Shank and Ultimate Athleticism. With Max, I've learned how to employ a more efficient and well-rounded training strategy. Now in my 60’s, and focused on this more complete training modality, I feel I am stronger and more physically capable than I’ve been in my entire life.
- Paul Costanzo - Musician, Voice Artist, Producer/Director, RKC

Max is the best trainer I have ever had and is worth every penny and every minute of my time. He is encouraging, and through with all of his wonderful work. When I first started with him, I was more into kickboxing than kettle bells. Now, I can't stay away from a kettle bell for too long until I start craving to swing one. He is understanding, sensative, and will work your butt off!! I'll tell you this much, You will not leave the gym smelling like roses. He makes it fun but all at the same time challenging. He is always changing it up. You will work outside and inside. NO matter how hard it gets, he will push you to your highest limit. I am always sore after working out with Max. If you want a drill Sargent, he can be that (Though you may end up cracking up); And if you want him to be more gentle with you, he can do that too but still, he will NEVER let you get away with "half assing" everything. Max is awesome. You won't regret anything.
10/10 Patience is his virtue
- Ondrea Rosen / Encinitas, CA