Testimonials of Max’s PROVEN SYSTEM.

Great Trainer, Better Person!

By Dwayne OConnor / Indianapolis formerly San Marcos
I have trained with NFL and NCAA Division 1 strength coaches in my younger days and never achieved the improvements I received from working out with Max. He helped me, through nutrition and strength training, to lose 70 pounds of fat while putting on 20-25 pounds of muscle. For the first time in my life, I had detail in my abs while never doing a sit-up or crunch. Max understands the human body, its movement and function. He knows how to motivate you, push you and achieve your best. After training with Max, I have been able to do feats of strength I could never do, even 20 years ago when in my athletic prime. More than his knowledge and motivation, Max is a great person. He’s humble and unassuming. You will not find a better trainer on the planet! Do yourself a favor and contact Max today for a better tomorrow. Max, you are the best!

The Perfect Fit

By Julie / Del Mar, CA
Max’s instruction and expertise is a perfect fit for just about any athletic level, training style, and personality. He has that unique ability of adapting his own style to meet his clients’ needs. His knowledge of body mechanics, form, and function combined with a true desire to serve his clients to the best of his ability makes him a top-notch trainer with a heart of gold. Thanks for the many years of encouragement, wisdom, education, and friendship, Max. You’re the best.By Julie / Del Mar, CA

Doesn’t Accept “I Can’t” for an Answer

By Jay / Encinitas, CA
I’m three times Max’s age, and my motto has always been, “I’ve never been an athlete, but I can always be an athletic supporter.” As I’ve said to Max, “My body is the pedestal that supports my brain,” and my typical daily workout is finger exercises on a computer keyboard and keeping a chair warm. But despite my efforts to destroy Max’s psyche, he keeps pushing me to do more. Around March or April, 2008, he asked, “What are your goals?” My cynical response was, “To get to the end of the next hour.” When I balked about setting goals, he set them for me. So, when I was still struggling to dead-lift half my body weight, Max said, “You’re going to dead-lift your body weight by the end of the summer.” I thought to myself, “I want what you’ve been smoking.” But by mid-summer, I was actually dead-lifting about 15 lb. more than my body weight. In mid-December, he had me alternate continuously for 15 minutes between pushups and dead-lifting about 2/3 of my body weight, and I did 90 dead-lifts and about 60 pushups. When my aging and aching joints won’t respond to the moves he wants me to make, he finds alternate approaches, and the next thing I know, I’m able to do them. He is amazing, and he makes me amaze myself.

Believe the hype!

By Andrew Read, RKCII, CK FMS / Melbourne, Australia
Max is that most rare of individuals – not only can he do it, at a phenomenally high level, but he can explain it and break it down so that you too can do it. It is rare to find someone so physically gifted who can communicate things so well and it is immediately clear when you speak with him that Max is not some meathead trainer. He has a great sense of humour, a quick wit and an easy personable manner – all great qualities you need in a trainer.

I was lucky enough to work alongside Max at RKCII in St. Paul in July, 2010 and can say that in a roomful of stud RKCs that he was one of the standouts.

Max Power

By Bob Lloyd / Encinitas
After working with Max for approximately 1.5 months, I was surprised at the level of flexibility and strength that I had developed. What was even more compelling was that I noticed a difference within my posture and core strength as well. Max has a unique approach to his training in that he focuses on areas that are pertinent to the individual. As a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it becomes very apparent that flexibility and stamina are key components in developing a more well rounded game. That being the case, Max was able to greatly impact these areas for me and not only did he do it in a short period of time, but rather made it fun at the same time. The only problem that I know face is that his classes are addictive and I have found that missing a class lends itself to disappointment. If you are looking to increase your strength, flexibility and overall well being, please give Max a call. I can assure you, you will not be let down.

The Best Results Ever

By Wendy / Rancho Santa Fe, Ca
Max has taken my strength and physical form to a new level. I am a mother of three and wanted to get my body back and my strength. He has helped me achieve my goals. He is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. Of all the trainers I have worked with I achieved my goals with Max and very quickly.

Strength in humility

By Jordan Vezina RKC/ 0311 / Palo Alto, CA USA!
I attended the August 2008 RKC at UCLA with Max. Prior to that I was familiar with him as the mutant who won the Elite Division of the April 2008 Tactical Strength Challenge. What struck me at the RKC wasn’t the degree of strength Max was able to bring to bear, but the humbleness with which he carried himself, and his eagerness to learn. the greatest flaw a trainer can have is thinking he or she knows everything, and this is not a flaw Max has. He also (along with Joe Sarti RKC) inspired me to pick up the 32 kg. and compete in the Elite Division myself this past September, and to now train for the beast challenge.

The Max Factor!

By Cheri / San Diego, CA
Max has worked with me on weight loss, overall fitness, toning, strength, and rehab from shoulder surgery. Results? Amazing! In a remarkable period of time, I lost 60 pounds and did it in a healthy manner. I am strong and have boundless energy. With Max’s help, I have maintained my weight loss for over one year now, even while I was recovering from shoulder surgery. But in addition to Max helping me reach my fitness goals, I have a lot of fun with Max. He is a true professional, skillfully guiding my workouts and making it enjoyable.