The Shoulder is the most mobile joint in the entire body. This means it has the greatest potential for varied movement.
Because of this, it is also the most vulnerable--and understanding it can be highly complicated.
Unfortunately, very few people know how to maximize their shoulder strength and mobility--which is why so many people hurt their shoulders and remain weak. This is exactly why I put this course together. Having suffered from "bad shoulders" for years, it wasn't until I discovered the power of properly sequenced mobility and activation exercises that I realized they were just not getting the stimulus they needed.
Over the past 10 years teaching courses all over the world, I realized (very clearly) that I was not alone.
If you are frustrated and confused about why your shoulder isn't functioning as well as you'd like, this course is for you.
If you are a personal trainer, this course is necessary. If you've been in the PT game for any length of time, you will know just how many people come in with preexisting shoulder strength and mobility deficits (and often pain). The information in this course will help you deliver life-changing results to your clients and give you a unique leg-up on the competition.


Module 1: Mobilizations, Activations, and Sequencing

In this segment we are going to learn about the anatomy of the shoulder, the (surprising) key players necessary for optimal shoulder function, and how to make sure they are mobile, fully engaged, and properly sequenced.
This block alone will be worth the price of admission.

Module 2: Integration and Programming

Now that we have fully mobilized, activated, and sequenced our shoulder movements, they need to be reintegrated into compound strength movements. Then we will look at balanced program design to keep the shoulders strong and healthy. People are always shocked to see what a healthy shoulder program looks like (hint: it's very different that what you would expect).

Module 3: Advanced Strength and Endurance

Finally we get to have some fun and express your newfound shoulder strength and mobility into a series of progressive (and eventually very advanced) shoulder strength and endurance movements. When you understand these concepts, you will see the infinite possibilities of what a healthy shoulder can do.


Simple Shoulder Solution Ebook & Video Course


76 page pdf with explanations and images to take guide you ever step of the way to unbreakable.


20 Streaming and Downloadable Videos clearly demonstrating each step of the process.