Ultimate Athleticism

ULTIMATE ATHLETICISM: the ability to move uninhibited in any range of motion with strength, speed, and coordination along with the ability to seamlessly adapt to any situation.

I've mapped out the path to become an exceptional athlete by working smarter on the right movements. Learn how to design a program that develops exceptional strength, power, endurance and mobility AND fits your lifestyle.


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What it Covers

Ultimate Athleticism teaches you the movements you should be practicing, how to safely perform those movements (photo, videos, and written instructions!), and how to program your training to become a well-rounded athlete.

Table of Contents


Fitness, Health & Performance Overview
Mobility Medicine
L-Press to Handstand
Front Lever
Airborne Lunge
Power & Olympic Lifting
Accessory and Grip
Pattern Retention
Program Design

A Word From The Author

Expert Recommendations

"I love books that make me pop off the chair, go into my backyard and hang from the rings. Hey, I like Shakespeare and Cervantes, too, but you never see me on the stage or tilting a windmill after a few chapters. Max Shank's "Ultimate Athleticism" has me working on my handstand, attempting to force my hips up on the levers and reconsidering one legged movements. I am a fan of minimalism as a starting line for thinking; Max runs with this in training by suggesting the mastering of four movements: L-Press to Handstand, Deadlift, Front Lever, Airborne Lunge. This book is amazing as he walks us through why he picked these movements and then, more important, the progressions necessary for achieving these movements. I can't recommend this book enough, but be prepared to explore movement again."

Dan John

"I just finished reading Max Shank’s new book Ultimate Athleticism and I am incredibly impressed! Max is a rare individual in the health and fitness world; he is both an articulate writer as well as an incredible athlete, and it is this unique blend that makes his book such a powerful addition to your training library. Max has done a masterful job answering the most common question that every fitness professional encounters with clients which is, “How can I get maximal improvement with the limited time I have available?” Following Max’s advice and programs in this book virtually guarantees improvement in every facet of your body and athleticism in minimum time. I highly recommend it and encourage you to absorb not only it’s basic message, but also the spirit of play and ongoing improvement that Max so powerfully encourages and exemplifies."

Dr. Eric Cobb

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What Equipment do I need?

Minimum - Rings and Kettlebells
Ideal - Rings, Pullup bar, Kettlebells, Barbell, and Dowel 


Question: I'm a beginner. Will this be too challenging for me?

Nope! Regressions are provided for all of the movements, so you can start where you are.


Question: How much time do I need to commit?

2-7 hours a week. Consistency and the 80% rule (=avoid injury) are most important. 




You will get immediate access to:

-200 page ebook

-30 instructional videos

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I’ve been following the Ultimate Athleticism Bare Bones program for a few weeks now and already the gains have been impressive. First off the book is easy to read and understand I enjoy Max’s writing style and his no single tool is best mentality.

Also that Max focus’s on combining different tools in a way I’ve never seen before. I remember being lost on how to combine gymnastic/bodyweight movements, weightlifting, and kettlebells into a routine. Before it was always one or the other or if it did show bodyweight and weight training it was always fairly easy bodyweight exercises. Never have I seen a course that shows how to combine advanced bodyweight training with weights so effectively. - Cody C.

To put it mildly the workout kicked my ass at first. Not in a wanting to vomit or not being able to walk the next day but in the fact I was a LOT weaker than I expected in these positions. Rather than being disheartened I actually was excited I had found something I needed to work on. Most importantly I was having fun again in my workouts.

Well six weeks later I’ve improved in the movements but I’ve had another massive benefit I didn’t expect. The pain in my scapula has completely gone, I’m able to squat sit and kneel down without effort or restriction. I’ve also lost a measured 6% bodyfat. - Philip B.