Quick Fix for Neck and Shoulder Stiffness (The computer posture cure)

Neck Pain

Our bodies were not designed to sit at a desk, or worse yet, in front of a computer for many, many hours per day. However, we all have to earn a living in this world and for most of us, the reality is, we’ll be using a computer to do that. It’s fine and dandy for someone to say, “stop working on the computer,” but you’ve got a family to feed, so that’s not an option.

Sitting–at a computer or driving a car– can wreak havoc on the neck and shoulders, which can lead to chronic pain, headaches, and eventually surgery.

Working a desk job shouldn’t be a death sentence to poor orthopedic health, though. I’ve written in the past about a few ways to fix posture, most recently the Thoracic Bridge Instructional Video has brought tons of relief for back and shoulder pain and stiffness. The accompanying article can be found here: The 30-Second Mobility Cure.

The one piece of criticism that I got for that last piece was that is was not accessible to everyone and does in fact require a little bit of a strength and coordination base. So my next step was to figure out a way to help everyone out, even those who don’t have the ability to roll around on the floor for a while.

As I’ve talked about before, our bodies want to be balanced and anything that brings us back to that ideal balance is well received by the body, so the following video is simply that; getting you back to your ideal posture. It’s fast, easy, and anyone can do it, anywhere.

Let me know in the comments how these worked for you and if there is anything else you want to see me do a video on.

Look out for more quick fixes like the moves above to get you healthier and stronger, faster.

Better Every Day.