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September 30, 2015

Thumb Circles: More Important Now than Ever

Are you experiencing De Quervain syndrome (aka Text Thumb)? Every day we do a ton of texting and typing leading to overuse of our thumbs and compromised positions of our wrists. As you know, everything we do is subject to the laws of cause and effect… Our bodies are like dominos and issues at the thumb/wrist can travel up […]
September 8, 2015

Avoid this Mistake when Dealing with an Injury

A natural tendency, when you suffer an injury, is to stop moving altogether. Several things you normally do now hurt so you’re thinking it’s best to just shut it down for a while. This is NOT the best choice I have been guilty of this mistake, many people I know have also been guilty of this […]
September 2, 2015

Train and Challenge your Balance the right way

One thing that always strikes me as interesting is the excessive use of odd toys to enhance a person’s balance. What you’ll find is that these people haven’t really spent much time owning the simple single leg stance–which is the absolute foundation of any balance you may need for life and sports. Here’s a quick progression […]
August 5, 2015

Three Reasons why Ronda Rousey Wins

I have to say I am beyond impressed with Ronda’s ability to focus and get the job done in the ring, coupled with her fierce ambition and no-bullshit attitude. 1) Long Term Consistency You don’t start training at 11 and stick with it for over a decade without gaining expert level skills in whatever you are […]
May 10, 2015
5 Minute Flow Blog

Change Your Life in 5 Minutes

Movement is LIFE. Stop moving? You’re dead. Fortunately, just a few simple movements will make a PROFOUND impact on your health and wellbeing. It will even enhance your strength, by taking off the “neurological brakes”… You see, most people essentially drive around with the emergency brake on. Your body is fighting against itself instead of working together […]
February 23, 2015

The Glats

I’m a simple man. I also have rather ambitious goals for us as athletes. We deserve to be strong, fast, flexible, and resilient. To feel good all the time and perform at a high level (whatever the task may be). There are several ways to go about achieving this, but today I’m going to talk about […]
November 14, 2014

Thoracic Bridge Modifications

  The thoracic bridge has succeeded in helping hundreds of thousands of people relieve pain and improve flexibility–fast. Original Thoracic Bridge: However, some people have sent messages to me saying that it is a little too difficult to get into the position. So I wanted to offer an easy, simple alternative to the full movement that […]
August 18, 2014

5-Minute Movement and Water Challenge

If you want to do something, you’ll do it. If you don’t, you won’t. My professional recommendations have gotten smaller and smaller over the years because of a sad reality. People won’t do it. I used to labor over exercise routines and nutritional guidelines only to have it be quickly forgotten, or at the very least, […]
January 9, 2014

5 Tips to feel better Fast

Hi all, I’ve gotten lots of emails asking for quick tips to feel better so I wanted to put together a short list of some of my favorite and easiest movements to get you moving better, Fast!     The last two videos aren’t so much of a tip as they are a demonstration to help […]