Spend 5 nights in Paradise Becoming Unbreakable

L-Sit in Costa RicaThe ill-effects of modern prosperity are eating away at the health of our society.
Many of us are slowly becoming weak, fragile, and mentally scattered (It’s no surprise when you think about the infinite number of distractions available at the touch of a button).
Essentially, we’ve lost our animal instinct.
We’ve lost the freedom to move around in our own bodies with total control.
We’ve lost the ability to move in a meaningful way.
And whether we know it or not, it’s slowly killing us...
The effects of physical weakness, stiffness, and fragility permeate the mind. When your mind is weak, it imprisons the body. It's a feedback loop of doom that steals your freedom — unless you take control.


It’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.
The devil is in the details. Many people are making mistakes during literally every training session that are moving them BACKWARDS. You might be thinking, “I already pay attention to the details,” but I would be willing to wager that 90% of the people reading this aren’t even doing push-ups properly. We are going to DIVE DEEP into the details of how the body and mind work together to produce total Physical Freedom.
Many of the tactics you will learn are completely opposite of what the mainstream fitness industry says you should do. But then again, that’s probably why most fit pros are always hurt and move like a brick wall.

Lunging with Tree Trunks
Up until now I’ve been forced to keep my coaching and courses “inside the box.”
There are regulations and practices that must be followed. Things you can say, and things you simply cannot.
Fortunately in Costa Rica, all bets are off.
I am so extremely excited to present to you — RAW and unfiltered — everything you need to become PHYSICALLY FREE. If you apply these lessons you will have a body that will do anything you ask it to do — fearlessly.
I'm ready to unleash every secret that I have learned over the last decade. From pain science and behavioral psychology all the way to advanced vision, breathing, strength, and mobility training.
You will leave with the skeleton key to physical freedom.




If you plan on attending this retreat, plan on changing...
Changing the way you think.
Changing the way you move.
This experience is designed to teach you about yourself. To recognize when you feel unmotivated to train (or to work). To identify when you feel trapped or paralyzed with indecision. HOW to apply strategies to help overcome these normal life obstacles.
Not surprisingly, these same lessons apply to life and training equally. Most people don’t realize it, but your ability to move has a MASSIVE impact on your life, AND how you think.
This is most certainly not for everyone. In fact, many of the ideas will challenge the way you think, and make you question everything you thought you knew about the human body. I fully expect a few people to get pissed off when I show some of these tactics and strategies for physical freedom…Squat with log
…because they are counter to just about everything you’ve ever read or been taught about “exercise.”
I am looking for people who have an open mind, who are ready to take the red pill. I’ll show you just how deep this rabbit hole goes.
After you have completed this training you will be be armed with the knowledge and ability to help ANYONE achieve their goals (including yourself).
If you are a personal trainer, or a coach who wants to help people achieve more—then this is going to be, without a doubt, the best investment that you could make in yourself and your career.
Not only am I going to show you how to become a master of the human body (and the mind), but I am also going to reveal the key concepts and strategies that have allowed me to run 3 successful businesses over the past 8 years and achieve the ability to retire before turning 30 years old. Of course, I have no plan on retiring, because this is all WAY too much fun.

Join me for week in paradise learning all of my most hard-earned secrets of physical freedom, eating quality food, and treating yourself well—the way you deserve.



You are going to be physically and mentally tested. You will be a completely different person when you leave Costa Rica. This will be an experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

Because I want to create deep and meaningful connections with all of the participants, space is going to be limited to 30 people. Given my track record and sizable customer base, AND that this is the first course of its kind…

…I expect it to sell out in a hurry.

Expand Your Knowledge...

True Core Strength is a hell of a lot more than sit ups and planks.

Did you know there are 8 different TYPES of core strength alone? You’ll want to make sure you address all of these if you want to have real core strength (and a pretty rocking set of abs, if you’re into that sort of thing).

Aside from the many different types of core strength, did you also know that the core is “The Anchor?” It’s the anchor point for every movement you do, and I can’t wait to explain how solidifying the structure at your center of gravity has a compound effect to every joint in your body.

Full Body Systems Check: I have taken a ton courses on movement evaluation from a wide variety of extremely knowledgable therapists, trainers, martial artists, and movement experts all over the world.
These are a lot of GREAT systems—but like most things, fall just a LITTLE short of complete.
This evaluation is going to look at EVERYTHING. Joint ROM, Muscle Activation, Functional Movement, Compensation Patterns, Vision Assessment, Gait Assesment, Breathing Assessment…you get the idea, it’s a long list.

Become the Energizer BunnyEndurance Training is a big piece of the puzzle, but once again, I am shocked at how many people get it COMPLETELY WRONG. Sadly I see HOURS wasted weekly on inefficient, ineffective endurance training tactics. A few simple techniques for breathing and relaxation, combined with a variety of speeds, tempos, and rest periods will elicit rapid results so you can go forever—at anything.

I have a special place in my heart for POWER TRAINING. Power is the ultimate athletic expression. Just like PF Flyers promised in the movie the Sandlot “Guaranteed to make you run faster, and jump higher.”
While I won’t be selling you any shoes (you’ll be barefoot the whole time), I DO guarantee that you will be much, MUCH more powerful. This includes sprinting, jumping, throwing, punching, etc…Nothing makes you feel the spring and vigor of youth like power—and this power protocol can be applied to absolutely anyone, from beginner to extremely advanced. Many people make the mistake of neglecting power training, but it should be a significant part of your overall plan!
And that is just a taste of what you will learn...

You Will Also Experience a Massive Upgrade in the Following Areas:

  • Vision

  • Coordination

  • Rhythm

  • Balance

  • Mobility

    • Strength

    • Speed

    • Power

    • Endurance


    • Antifragility

    • Mental Toughness

    • Meditation and Mindset

    • Habit Formation

    Just look at this list: These are NOT things you normally see in a training plan.
    I’ve been teaching courses to personal trainers all over the world for the past decade—sadly, many of these attributes are COMPLETELY NEGLECTED in most training programs. This is extremely unfortunate because improving these areas will enhance EVERY area of your life.
    The opposite is also true, neglect these areas and your body (and your athleticism) will deteriorate rapidly. Ignore these and your body will age faster.




    The Physical Freedom Mentorship will be held at Rayos Del Sol, where we’ll have exclusive use of the entire 25 acres of remote jungle property on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Dedicated to fitness retreats, the resort includes 2 yoga decks, an outdoor gym, hiking trails, and a short walk down to the black sand beach. Additionally, the property includes an incredible mile-long jungle obstacle course that we’ll be sure to use! Common areas include the swimming pool, on-site restaurant (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included), a bar and lounge including smoothie bar, and a sunset viewing deck.

    All participants will stay in the Villas, with options for shared rooms with 2 persons each, or single rooms. All rooms includes A/C, private bathrooms, patios and stunning ocean views. We recommend going with the shared room option, as sharing the week with the another instructor can really enhance your experience. You can request a specific roommate, or we’ll pair you up. Of course, you do have the option of requesting a single room for additional cost.
    *Please email us at to request a single room or group discount

    Rayos Del Sol is located about 7 miles north of Nosara. The closest airport is Liberia Airport (LIR). We suggest arriving in the afternoon on Saturday and departing in the afternoon on Thursday. (Training sessions start Sunday morning and will finish with a casual session Thursday morning)

    Round trip transportation between the resort and airport is included. We’ll offer airport pick-up at 4pm Saturday and drop off 1pm on Thursday. If you book a flight that arrives/departs at another time, you may need to pay an additional fee for private transportation (approx. $30- 50). We may adjust these times depending on majority of flight schedules.

    ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES:Jungle Obstacle Course
    We have provided free time in the schedule if you'd like to take advantage of the adventures Costa Rica has to offer. You will be responsible for any costs associated with these activities (Surfing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Ziplining, ATV Tours, Horseback Riding, etc.). We may organize a group outing with a shuttle provided (details tbd).

    5 nights accommodation in double room
    3 meals a day (chef prepared)
    Roundtrip airport shuttle
    Daily AM & PM Immersive Learning & Movement Sessions
    (sessions will run Sunday AM - Thursday AM)

    Standard Registration: $3,995

    Now Only $2,995

    Space will run out and I don't want you to miss this opportunity! The payment plan will split the cost into 3 equal installments (including a 6% fee). Payment #1 will be charged on your registration day, #2 one month after registration, #3 two months after registration.




    Space for the Mentorship is limited. Therefore, we have to maintain a strict cancellation policy:
    For payments made in full: You may receive a full refund minus a $75 processing fee up to 5 months before the event. Cancellations up to 4 months prior will receive 75% refund. Cancellations up to 3 months prior receive 50% refund. No refund is provided within 3 months of the event.
    For payment plans: No refunds can be provided for initial deposits. For the second and third payments, you may receive a full refund up to 5 months before the event. Cancellations up to 4 months prior will receive 75% refund. Cancellations up to 3 months prior receive 50% refund. No refund is provided within 3 months of the event.
    If you find that you are unable to attend for any reason, you have the option of selling your spot to somebody else. You are responsible for identifying the person and for arranging the payment with them. You may NOT transfer your registration to another workshop.
    Please understand that we cannot make exceptions, regardless of the reason for cancellation.




    SINGLE ROOM? Email us and we'll send you an invoice for the additional fee.
    GROUP DISCOUNT? We offer discounts for groups of 3+. Please email us the size of your group and we'll send you a discounted invoice.
    OTHER QUESTIONS? Send them over to and we'll do our best to help.