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We live in an amazing time. Life is FULL of opportunities to improve yourself, and help those around you.

Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle to find the right balance for optimal health and happiness.

Enter the "Holy Trinity of Physical and Mental Health."


Why do these 3 matter so much in life?


If your ability to move is poor—physical and mental pain will follow. It's as if you're carrying a heavy weight with you all the time.

The solutionMove. Often and well. Or as Bruce Lee would say, in a way where you can "express yourself honestly."

If you are not willing to give yourself your most precious resource (your time and attention), it’s a clear signal that your own mental health is NOT important to you.

I remember a funny saying that captures this perfectly: "If you don't have the time to meditate for 5 minutes, meditate for an hour." 

Heck, I used to be that person always saying how I didn't have time, and even worse taking pride for the label of being "SO BUSY."

The Solution: Meditate daily, and with variety. Enter a "flow state" with your daily activities.

Lastly, when you lack muscle, your body starts to deteriorate prematurely, and life in general feels like a struggle. Plus everything you lift will feel heavier when you're weaker and more fragile. A muscular physique also makes you feel better about yourself, and more confident in your abilities.

The Solution: Get STRONG. Learn to control and grow your muscles with daily stimulus.

Life kicked me in the balls because I did not understand these key areas. When I was younger I was simply fat and weak (and frankly, quite stupid). This sucked, but I think it probably helped me develop a better personality and character than if I had been winning at life from day 1.

Later in life, I got into lifting weights and fitness. I got more muscular, stronger, faster... and I developed all kinds of aches and pains.

Finally the straw broke the camels back and I was completely immobilized from injuries due to my neglect for healthy movement. I had been caught by the popular obsession with more pounds on the bar.

During that time I never took a second to meditate and work on the health of my mind.

After talking with many experts and friends in the field, I realized that I was not alone.

I see a lot of people still stuck there, and I know how it feels. That's exactly what I want to help you with, because it makes everything in your 10x easier.

You can break free of mental and physical chains to achieve your goals and enjoy the hell out of life.

No Excuses

After 13 years in the health and fitness field, I have guided thousands of people to greater power and peace of mind. Both in-person, and online.

I've also made a TON of mistakes that I would like to help you avoid.

Life is simply made up of trade-offs and prioritization. Every choice adds up, and that’s who you are.

Controlling the inputs and environment can go a long way in making the right moves easily.

What you feed your brain and body every day, becomes a part of you.

Don't fall victim to the primary cause of chronic under-achievement...

Constant Bombardment Of Negative Stimulus

When you never give yourself the time to be bored, or under-stimulated, you can never tap into your potential. Constant bombardment of notifications, entertainment, and “news”, is destructive.

It's like mind poison. 

First, get a "better attitude."

Not just a positive attitude, but enthusiasm about the simple fact that you CAN IMPROVE DAILY. It's a good attitude BECAUSE you have this magic ability to get better.

The brain, through neuroplasticity, will change you into a version more capable of handling the stimulus you give it.

CHOOSE your experiences and inputs wisely. Aim for things that make you feel good, and benefit you in some way.

It can be a challenge to resist the temptation of unlimited entertainment at your fingertips.

It’s no surprise that the world is full of people struggling (and I would say losing) at the game life.

Now more than ever, it’s important to guard your time and attention like a HAWK!

When you begin to do this, you'll have PLENTY OF TIME to do anything you WANT (not should). There are so many fun and rewarding activities to play with.

Then you get to INVEST that recovered time, instead of wasting it.

The secret to investing your time wisely? “The 3 Feels Test”...

Make sure it feels good before, during, and after—and moves you toward your target. There are plenty of fun options to help you achieve your goals—think outside the box and explore.

WHY I put tog​​​​ether the M3 Academy...

To help you experience the power of quality movement and meditation in your life.

...And upgrade your body to a leaner and more muscular version.

To create the ideal environment for optimal growth... alongside a supportive community of people on the same mission to help everyone stay on track.When you experience true freedom and clarity, life opens up infinite doors for you.

With plenty of time to breathe and think, you’ll easily find meaningful missions and tasks.

My mission is to move millions monthly. Move their bodies, and move their thinking to a higher level.

I am happy to share with you that my work has benefitted the world in a big way, so far. Thousands of Personal trainers have attended my coaching seminars and certifications in-person.

Hundreds of thousands more have happily achieved incredible results thanks to my material digitally.

This is because I like to make it simple, fun, easy, and super effective. No need to complicate your life.

THIS is the feeling that I want for YOU—and really, the world. Helping one another give our best gifts to the rest of the world is really the paramount of achievement.

The key to realizing your full potential starts with making yourself into a force of nature. Inside and out.

My theory is simple
and it includes you...

Life really comes down to two things:

1. Take 100% responsibility for your life and your choices (take charge and enjoy)

2. Help Others do the same

I've spent tens of thousands of hours coaching (closing in on 30,000 as of writing this). Over that period of time, I've really encountered a LOT of things that work, and even more that definitely do NOT.

I have made so many highly informative mistakes in both training and work-life balance, but fortunately I kept trying until I found what really worked for me (it'll be different for you). That's another big secret to success--keep going! 

If you want total freedom
own these 3 critical areas... 

Movement, Muscle and Meditation.

Are you optimizing these 3 things on a daily basis? How does one best go about developing fun and result-producing habits with ease?

That's really what I'm about: Simple, fun, easy habits that help me improve constantly.

I like this because there is SO MUCH left to learn about many things.

What's especially crazy is the domino-effect this will have on other areas of your life.

For example, improving your mind-body connection (body awareness) will give you more confidence.

With the right environment, it's even easier.

It's can be hard to do it alone. When you are unified with others who can be good teachers and good students, every member of that group increases their strength. 

Good Teachers...

  • Stimulate c​uriosity 
  • Ask expanding questions
  • check
    Encourage play
  • check
    Encourage mistakes
  • Encourage action
  • check

Good Students are...

  • Interested
  • Motivated
  • Curiou​s
  • check
  • check
  • check

Do you know the A, B, C’s?


These A, B, C’s of life will take you far, if you truly understand and apply them. Sadly, most people will fly right past these easy-to-remember foundational principles.

Keep these three things in mind and life will feel lighter, easier, and you’ll feel powerful.

no complainers allowed 

Before we go any further, let me make one thing perfectly clear: NO COMPLAINERS ALLOWED.

If you can read this, your life is already 100 times better than anyone 20 years ago could imagine. For $80 you can be a fucking space wizard...

Seriously I went to the store the other day and I noticed they had a tablet computer for $79.99.

What an incredible amount of opportunity we have to do great things in the world. All of the right information is right here at your fingertips, but…

Without a good filter, many inputs are TOXIC.

The internet is a sea of misinformation and deception. Essentially, you will get stuck in the muck if you aren't EXTREMELY selective in where you invest your time.

Yes, INVEST. Not spend, not waste.

A set of push-ups (no matter the size) is an investment to your continued physical strength and health. Even a nap in the sunshine should be thought of as an investment in your happiness.

From now on ONLY INVEST TIME. No wasting it.

I can help you with this, RIGHT NOW, no matter what you do tomorrow...just do this:



(our most precious resource)

Go to your phone settings and click "battery". Let's see where your time is going...

Sadly many people I recommend this to are too afraid to see the damage...


I've seen an average of 4-6 hours of total phone usage per day. A lot of it is on social media apps, not surprisingly.

Day after day, pissing away their most precious resource and making zero to little forward progress on the things that they SAY they care about.

I am tired of hearing the excuses, and seeing the victim mentality that is so pervasive today.

IF you want to live an extraordinary life, you need to do the opposite of what the masses are doing.

The masses will always go for the quick-fix or the miracle-pill full of lies and false promises. 

Eyes, mouth, nose, ears, brain...

ASSUMING that everyone understands how important this is would be a mistake. The clear and obvious reality is that the majority of people allow extremely toxic words, images, food, and relationships to run rampant in their lives. Be vigilant at the gateways!


Make time for movement, muscle, and meditation EVERY DAMN DAY. 'nuff said.

What Will You GAIN from this Experience?

Follow the Simple, Fun, and Effective Monthly fitness plan...

be healthy, strong, and fit—life and exercise will be fun and engaging.

Do daily meditations, visualization, and reflection, like we recommend...AND discuss it with your peers...

feel clear, light, focused, and calm. Life will feel much easier and more fun.

Improve your mind-muscle awareness and give your muscles the stimulus you need...

have strong, lean muscles, and life will feel easier.

Movement, Meditation & Muscle Academy includes:

Movement Muscle Meditation logo
  • Monthly training program with videos: 
    Improve your overall athleticism, coordination, balance, mobility, speed, etc to make life easier and more fun.

  •  Private Facebook Group: 
    Discussion Questions, Exercises, and Meditations

  • Monthly Book Recommendation
  • Member Only Discounts/Opportunities
  • Special Offer: Lock in limited rate of $88/month!

    The Secret to Progress we ALL know
    but HATE to admit…

    You gotta have skin in the game.

    Skin in the game toward what you SAY you want.

    Getting an audible membership is a perfect example of this. You pay a monthly membership to show that you are ACTUALLY going to read a book a month. This “book club” alone is a great way to put your money where your mouth is on the education front. (By the way, you’ll be getting some GREAT book recommendations…)

    This is no different. If you REALLY want to improve your knowledge in these 3 areas, then you need to put your money where your mouth is and commit to ongoing education.

    The courses I teach cost thousands of dollars, and you only get me for a few days.

    With this format, anyone can afford to make a big change for the better. This will help you have the life you want, and that will allow you to help others do the same.

    This information is guaranteed to be up-to-date. We aren’t going to re-use some BS from 5 years ago that is totally worthless today. You’re going to get the most useful tactics and strategies to maximize your Movement, Meditation, and Muscle.

    One membership and you’ll be provided with ongoing education and a support system to help reinforce behaviors you want, and eliminate the ones you don’t. This will practically guarantee your success.

    With a monthly training program that focuses on increasing your physical capabilities to ninja level and making you dead sexy, you’ll never be confused again about “exercise.”

    With a steady stream of new and engaging forms of meditation, your mind will be carefully stimulated to help you unlock your potential.

    Today (like yesterday, and tomorrow), is the most important day of your life.

    Make choices now that will shape future you into the person you want to become.


    P.S. Winning at life (and training) is a marathon, not a race. Commit your time, energy, to becoming better every day. Make the right choices, and surround yourself with a community that supports your mission. It’s that simple.