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Discover How to Use Kettlebells to build Strength, Power, and Endurance

It is my belief that being a great teacher means taking a complicated subject and making it as simple as possible. That is what I've done here with Kettlebell Essentials. Within this video series, you have the necessary tools to take your training to the next level using kettlebells to make you strong and flexible.

The kettlebell has been a major player in fitness for the past 10 years, and the only thing more infamous than kettlebell training has been people hurting themselves due to negligence and ignorance. The incredible power of kettlebell training comes at a price for some due to a lack of learning the movements properly. Used correctly, the Kettlebell has unlimited potential.

Kettlebell Essentials consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been coaching for years or if you’ve recently discovered the Kettlebell. This program will benefit you and dramatically transform your skills.



Kettlebells are an unmatched tool when used effectively. Each movement is broken down into simple components to ensure that you are getting the most of out your workout.

Coaching Cues

Coaching is an art. Learn how to deliver the essential cues without overwhelming your student. Become more clear and effective - in turn attracting more clients!


Your training should be tailored to suit YOU. Starting with the essential movements you will learn how to regress or advance each to fit your level, experience, and goals.

​Joint Mobility

What is strength without a solid foundation? Learn drills to keep all of your joints healthy, allowing you to build strength and endurance beyond your expectations.

​12 Week Program

This program incorporates the essential movements into full body workouts that will deliver results and keep you healthy for a lifetime of training. Consistency is key.

​Passing the Snatch Test Guide

Nervous about passing the 5 Minute Snatch Test? I have tested 100's of coaches and know exactly where many go wrong. Apply these smart training tips and pass the test with ease.

Expert Testimonial

"Max Shank has put together a wonderfully concise compendium of kettlebell exercises, and a good plan for training, and everything else a body could want and need for getting started. The programming is simple and smart, the exercises properly described and accessible. Max is strong and of a high-mind, and so it is with charity in my heart and as my intention, that I shall recommend his work to everyone."   

- Pat Flynn (Owner, Chronicles of Strength and author of Paleo Workouts for Dummies)


Here's how it works...

I'm asking that you give this a try for at least 60 days. I want you to ACTUALLY follow the program--it works! However, if you aren't completely satisfied AFTER 60 days, just send me an email and tell me about your experience and I'll be happy to refund you in full. 

Not only that, if you email me and explain what you did, and how it didn't work for you, I will PERSONALLY give you my best recommendation on how to move forward on a case-by-case basis.