The Best Exercise for Human Mobility

Girl hanging on ringsHumans have been developing for a REALLY long time…

Our genetic code today has been shaped by the tasks most important to our survival. In earlier versions of project human we were mostly hanging around and squatting, so our bodies crave to be conditioned this way.

Hanging has gained popularity recently and for good reason—it makes your shoulders more mobile and your entire body feel great.

However, just jumping up on a bar and hanging might not be the best approach…

Especially if the shoulders are de-conditioned (which many are due to inactivity or poor training).

This is why I strongly recommend hanging at a lower intensity, for a longer duration…

The Hang-Squat Flow

This movement is a double whammy that covers both primal patterns – squatting and hanging. This “hang-squat” is going to become your new favorite go-to mobility and strength exercise…

How to perform Hang-Squat Flow:

  • Set up your rings at chest height
  • Start your 5 minute timer
  • Begin by holding on to both rings and explore the space (shift weight side to side, rotate, etc.)
  • Add in row, pull up, and single leg squat variations using as much (or little) assistance as necessary

Basically this movement decompresses the spine and shoulders, AND helps you bridge the gap in exercises you can’t do yet…

For example, you can hang on to one ring, stand on both (or one) legs and perform a “one arm pull-up” with the assistance of your leg(s).

And actually, it works both ways…

Say you can do a pull-up but you can’t YET do a single leg squat. This would be a great opportunity to use your pulling strength to help assist you through the single leg squat motion. It will help you regardless of whether your weakness is mobility or strength, or both.

You absolutely, positively SHOULD make time for this move in your life. (AND it just might help you win this months challenge)

Becoming Unbreakable,

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