A Brief History of Humankind

Better Every Day Book Club: Sapiens

Reading (or listening to) a book is not enough to make a significant impact in your life. Two things have to happen concurrently. 1) It needs to speak to you using language that resonates with you 2) You need to Read More

Better Every Day Book Club: Mastery by Robert Greene

Robert Greene’s Mastery could also be called Stories of Great People and What May Have Helped Make Them Great. It is well organized with the “Example-Lesson” set-up: an example followed by what/why helped them achieve that greatness, over and over again. This format Read More

Better Every Day Book Club: The Hybrid Athlete

The Hybrid Athlete by Alex Viada One thing I really liked was that Alex answers my standard question for anyone asking what type of training is best — “for who?” He describes how to put it together for a variety of Read More