I'm a beginner

Beginner Guide

There are several reasons why people start an exercise program, and just as many that make people stop.

I've put together these programs to help get you started on a path to sustainable fitness and health over the long term

Top Bodyweight Exercise Guide
5 Minute Flow Guide

Eliminate Pain

Unbroken Guide

Whether you are just starting out, or have been active your entire life, pain and injuries happen. The injury or pain you feel now is NOT a final sentence - it's a temporary state.

Do not admit defeat! I've put together these programs to help get you moving well again.

2-part Healthy Shoulder Webinar
5 Minute Flow Guide

Advanced Strength and Conditioning

Next Level Guide

Already at an advanced or intermediate level? As you get more experienced with training and exercise, you need new stimulus to provide continued gains. 

The goal of exercise is to make you better at life, not just better at exercise. The following guides will help you do just that.

Ultimate Muscle Up Guide
Movement Hacks Video Series

FREE GUIDE: 5 Minute Flow

5 Minute Flow started out as my search for the easiest and most efficient use of 5 minutes to see a dramatic improvement in the quality of my life. The results were absolutely fantastic. My body feels great and my morning productivity has skyrocketed. If this was a big enough impact for me to notice a difference, I just imagined what it would be like for someone who is in desperate need of some additional movement in their life.

Five Minute Flow PDF Guide

Ultimate Athleticism

FREE CHAPTER: Ultimate Athleticism

Discover how to become the Ultimate Athlete in less time than you already spend at the gym! Develop exceptional strength, power, endurance and mobility. Plus, learn how to design a program that fits your lifestyle.

Chapter 1: Fitness, Health, and Performance