Exercise of the Week: Ice Cream Swirl

Ice Cream Swirl

Taking two exercises I love and being able to put them together makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Features of the Ice Cream Swirl:
-50/50 mix of an Ice Cream Maker and a Meat Hook (there were a lot of hilarious names combining meat, maker, and cream that didn’t make the final draft).

-Categorized as a combination exercise: Upper pulling strength (bent and straight arm) and core strength (rotation). *Best paired with a lower push for time and fatigue management (A la Ultimate Athleticism Template)

-Improves shoulder flexibility

-Helpful for training toward one arm pull-up

How to do it:
1. Begin in the top position of an L-Pullup

2. Rotate the legs to the right (more of your weight will be in your right hand now).

3. Keeping the lats tight and the elbow close to the body, straighten the arms and lean back so that the left hip goes to the right elbow/armpit. This is basically a supported meathook (both arms).

4. Emphasize the right arm to pull back up (this makes it a very good movement for building up to the one arm pull-up).

5. Repeat on other side.

If this is too challenging, I recommend building up a solid base of standard bodyweight exercises such as tuck levers, pull-ups, and hanging leg raises.

Better every day,





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