The Magic Of Creative Movement

Daily life has a lot of straight edges, boxes, and lines designed for us to abide by.

This can stifle creativity and movement in a profound way.

It’s no wonder many people are becoming chair-shaped.
It’s no wonder that the average human eye moves about 25% as fast as it should.
It’s no wonder that our feet have become less sensitive due to a lack of varied movement.
It’s no wonder that our hands (which took a LONG TIME to become this awesome) are better suited for hitting imaginary letters on a keyboard than climbing a tree or manipulating the physical world.

Not only is our movement creativity stifled, but as adults, many of us have no creative outlet at all. There is monotonous work coupled with slightly less monotonous entertainment (various passive media).

Passive media includes watching TV, scrolling social media—really anything where you sit still and just watch. While there is nothing wrong with just sitting and watching something, you’re not creating anything, you’re just consuming.

If you do nothing but consume, you end up with a negative energy balance. Side effects include feelings of self doubt, lack of fulfillment, and physical dysfunction.

Conversely, a Positive Energy Balance can make you feel invigorated and give you a sense of purpose.

There is a reason that CREATIVE is the #1 Hexagram (chapter) of the I-Ching, a Chinese text from 3000 years ago that still stands the test of time.

It is also referred to as the “Book of Changes.” I like that—because when it comes to exercising the body and mind, change is really what we are hoping to achieve.







END?? To me this means, quite simply, that when you stop creating, you start dying—or maybe that you’re already dead.

Remember that your body and mind are ALWAYS ADAPTING to stimulus.

You’ll notice that I reference the SAID Principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand) in nearly all of my books. And it’s really that important. You must understand that your body and mind adapt to whatever you do.

If you sit in a chair all day, motionless—you will take the shape and characteristics of a chair. If you do nothing but consume media rather than create, you will similarly stifle your creativity and stagnate.

The body and mind are one.

It’s actually kind of silly that we differentiate between the two. We didn’t really separate them until Rene Descartes proposed mind-body dualism (the idea that they are two separate things.)

When you experience a stimulus, YOU change. Not just your mind, not just your body—the whole kit and caboodle.

The more we learn about the human body and how things like the bacteria in your gut affect your health and mental function in a profound way—the more ridiculous it seems that we separate the body and mind.

It’s one piece.

Years ago, I remember reading a great sequence from Ido Portal…

Isolate, Integrate, Improvise.

Many people understand steps 1 and 2, and their value. Few people take it to the next step and embrace their creativity.

Creativity is the root of all life.

Movement, is the ONE WAY we can embrace creativity physically.Man doing Handstand in Snow

Without physical touch, gravity, force, leverage, and tension, we are TRULY just living in virtual reality.

So Move...

Move creatively, and purposefully.
Create shapes with your body.
Move at a wide variety of speeds.
Move with maximum tension, and with maximum relaxation.
Make some F!#%*&ing ART with your body.

Deliberately deviate from “normal” or “perfect” technique.

There is a keyword there that should not go unnoticed…DELIBERATE. I DO NOT want you to get sloppy or accidentally deviate from good technique, this can hurt you.

I want you to very consciously leave the “box” of perfect fitness form.

Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to your movements, your breath, your eyes, and your intention.

Move under control, with appropriate tension supporting your structure.
Move with healthful and mindful breathing.
Move with a stable core and pelvis to provide a solid anchor point for all the rest of your muscles expanding outward to hands and feet.

Better Every Day,

p.s. I put together a product specifically geared to help people move better, feel better, embrace their creativity, and enter a flow state. This course teaches you how to isolate, integrate, and improvise so you can embrace your creativity and enhance your movement capabilities. I recommend it to everyone, regardless of capabilities, and see it as the most important aspect of my training (and my students'). If you are ready to step outside the box then check out 5 Minute Flow and see how far this rabbit hole goes.

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