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We've answered common questions below - please read through before contacting us.

I've purchased a training program - where can I access it?

As of 2018, all Max Shank digital products can be accessed using your purchase email address. If you purchased before 2018, please go to to create a password and access your account. If the system doesn't recognize your email address 1) Try another possible email address you may have used 2) Use the contact form below and include the product name and purchase date and we'll help!

What happens when I make a purchase?

1) You will be redirected to your purchase INSTANTLY! 2) You will receive an email with member account details to access your purchase at

Can I feature Max on my podcast, website, or publication?

Please complete the form below with information about your business and how it would be a win-win and we'll check it out!

Would Max speak at my gym, seminar, or conference?

Please complete the form below with as much information as possible - when, where, and what topic would you like Max to discuss/teach?

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