Change Your Life in 5 Minutes

Movement is LIFE.

Stop moving? You’re dead.

Fortunately, just a few simple movements will make a PROFOUND impact on your health and wellbeing. It will even enhance your strength, by taking off the “neurological brakes”…

You see, most people essentially drive around with the emergency brake on. Your body is fighting against itself instead of working together seamlessly, but you can change that…

The aches and pains that you’ve ignored for too long will melt away, if you spend JUST 5 minutes in the morning finding your flow

KEY POINTS when you approach this new habit:

  • Do it EVERY DAY
  • Do exercises that give YOU the most bang for your buck


5 minutes might not seem like a lot of time, but it really adds up when you simply do the math…

The average person spends about 2 hours per week exercising (120 minutes). Adding just 5 minutes of movement in the morning equals 30% extra….

5 minutes x 7 days = 35 minutes per week
35/120 minutes = .291666 >>>> 30% EXTRA

So while everyone else is training 12 months a year, you are training 16!


The goal of exercise is to improve in some way. We want a Return (physical or mental improvement) on our Investment (time).

Ask anyone in finance if they’d like a guaranteed 30% return on their investments they would laugh at you because it’s just not possible. But with your physical health and wellness, it is.

This extra time has a dramatic effect on your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. When you do the math, it just freakin’ makes sense.


  1. Move continuously for 5:00 every morning. It’s the critical period for your day. Start every day off the right way.
  2. Make some big circles with all of your joints head to toe, or do some yoga/dance/martial arts movements.
  3. Just move. It doesn’t have to be scripted or rehearsed.
  4. Keep up with us on the 5-Minute Flow facebook group.

I understand that I might be a bit of an outlier when it comes to my desire to be moving frequently. However, we were built to move and do stuff, not to sit in a chair and look at our handheld dopamine machines. So this 5:00, hopefully just a start, is a way to move you in the right direction for a better life. By doing this every day instead of 35 minutes on Sundays, you get a compounding effect – each minute is exponentially more effective.


I just ran the numbers and it’s clear that we all MUST do this. Not only for the health benefits, but to have control of our lives. This won’t just give you a better/more flexible body, it will make you a better, more disciplined, and happier person.

Now that you understand a little bit better about how the body adapts, and the math behind these little extra minutes here and there, can you think of a good reason not to make daily movement part of your routine?

As I mentioned here before this goes perfectly with drinking two big cups of water right afterward–the health benefits are ridiculous. Move around, drink the water, and feel better than you ever have before–I can pretty much guarantee it.

Check these out:
My YouTube 5 Minute Flow Playlist
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Better EVERY day,

P.S. Grab a copy of 5 Minute Flow Video Series and Companion Guide for you or a loved one now! 

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13 thoughts on “Change Your Life in 5 Minutes

  • Max Shank Post author

    You can DEFINITELY make a positive change through mobility and strength exercises. The key is to do the right movements, lay a solid foundation and do it EVERY DAY. Simple Shoulder Solution and 5 Minute Flow would both be very helpful in your recovery. Seeing a good PT in your area would be a great idea too. Keep moving and enjoy!

  • Candy Colwell

    Max, I’am recovering from a Rotor Cuff injury, its been 6 months now and slowlyyyyyyy getting better. Dr. say Shost or Surgery, I said no to both on a scale of 1 -10 10 being extremely painful I average 6-10 it depends. I am exercising daily mostly lower body. My trainer FB me you video and now I’m hooked. I watched you on the 5 min Flow and shoulders exercising.
    do you think if I worked on your lessons it would help me?

    desperate in TN.

  • gizzard of oz

    Having walked for 80mins the night before, I paused yesterday to do a little mental inventory from head to toe, and can safely declare that it's mind-boggling how much pain can reside in a person who's not directly injured. Stiffness, aches.. Methuselah may not have even felt so beat up! The contrast between sedentary sitting, standing and cycling (which is quite sedentary IMO) and infrequent activity, must be implicated. Now and again I do R-Phase, and it works wonders on that globalised pain, but it takes too long and is quite technical, which is why I can't seem to be regular with it. Another funny one is that when you're bound up like this, and on exercise day after going through the 1 hr of foam-rolling and mobility drills, I end up exercising for too long, as it's such a chore to get loose, might as well try and get everything done. This 5-20min plan seems like a good way to try and get out of this trap. Thanks Max.

  • Max Shank

    Hi TC! Thanks for the message, glad you are seeing the benefit.
    I would tend to agree that it's fairly low intensity and well within appropriate. I wouldn't do a ton of crazy heavy or backbendy stuff that is at 90% effort plus first thing in the morning.

  • TC


    I really enjoy your blog. Regularly employed the 5minuteflow since you originally posted it here. I've noticed nothing but benefits – from feeling more mobile and "better" overall to tighter technique with main lifts.

    A couple questions about the flow:

    Do you think it's better in terms of spinal health to wait for a couple hours after waking before doing the 5minute flow? (In particular, regarding inter-vertebral fluid settling during sleep and needing time in normal anatomical position before exercise…)

    Or because the flow is unloaded and not extreme with ROM, that it's well within appropriate?

    Thanks for excellent post on handstand prep!

  • Max Shank Post author

    Heck yes Morgan I remember you!
    Appreciate the message, you keep on crushing it down under, I'm planning on heading back out there february next year, hope to see you then!

  • Morgan

    Nice MAX,hope ur doing well mate u probably won't remember me as the amount of people u meet would be astronomical no doubt. 1st Aust RKCII had tea with u and Andrew night before Course.
    Never the less mate letting u know I still follow ur work and articles. This one for me is super kool as I have been expressing these same ideas to my clients but u have articulated it so much better and ur math breakdown makes it extremely simple for others to see how easy things can be opposed to all other excuses that come our way.
    Like most things though if u really want it u have to work for it!
    Peace out brother. Regards Morgs