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November 14, 2014

Thoracic Bridge Modifications

  The thoracic bridge has succeeded in helping hundreds of thousands of people relieve pain and improve flexibility–fast. Original Thoracic Bridge: However, some people have sent messages to me saying that it is a little too difficult to get into the position. So I wanted to offer an easy, simple alternative to the full movement that […]
November 5, 2014

Congratulations! You are the Master

Congratulations! You are the master. You’ve learned as much as you need to know. If anyone tells you that you could be wrong, or less-than-perfect, don’t you listen to a word they say. Defend yourself and your abilities to the death, never give an inch and don’t take any criticism from anyone. Anyone who says differently […]
October 28, 2014

Time Blocks and Short Lists

Normal to-do lists fail because there is no timeframe. The deadline is “sometime” and there’s no definitive amount of time to dedicate to the task. Change that. When you come up with a list, also indicate how much time you are willing to spend on each task. I like to use two very powerful, simple tools for […]
October 15, 2014

Do Nothing

Sometimes, do nothing. Technology makes us more connected and less connected as humans with each other than ever before. Look at any line of people waiting and you’ll see at least three quarters with their heads pointed down at their phones. Waiting rooms: phones, magazines, newspapers–though to be honest I’m just happy anyone is reading anything. […]
September 5, 2014

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

I’ve been traveling for 2 weeks now and have noticed a few things different. 1) It feels like I have been gone forever and hardly remember what a normal schedule or days of the week feels like. 2) My workouts have been very different than normal. Neither of these are unexpected, I guess. The longest I have been away […]
August 18, 2014

5-Minute Movement and Water Challenge

If you want to do something, you’ll do it. If you don’t, you won’t. My professional recommendations have gotten smaller and smaller over the years because of a sad reality. People won’t do it. I used to labor over exercise routines and nutritional guidelines only to have it be quickly forgotten, or at the very least, […]
July 10, 2014

My Weakness is my Strength

I just discovered a major weakness. I generally consider myself to be a well-rounded athlete–I am very proud of that fact. I run, jump, flip, throw, kickbox, wrestle, wakeboard, and play sports at an excellent level for a non-professional. I work hard in and out of the gym to be this way. The Weakness Yesterday I found […]
June 23, 2014

Bodyweight Training: Zero to Hero

I am far from the strongest when it comes to Bodyweight exercise. However, I started out a hell of a lot worse. In fact, when I first started exercising seriously, I couldn’t do a single pull-up. As a supposedly fit man (18 years old), this was considered pretty sad. Though I didn’t have a gymnastics background […]
May 16, 2014

Work or Play? Pain or Pleasure? Can you even feel the difference?

When it comes to training, there is a lot to be said about moderation, sustainability and general caution. However there is a time and a place to get after it, and a time to take it easy. I find the same to be true when it comes to getting things done and actually enjoying your life. […]
April 23, 2014

Reasonable Eating Guidelines

For a long time now, my main focus on nutrition has been to eat real food and make it fit your lifestyle rather than vice-versa. A couple of tidbits that I have found most useful. 1) Is it food? Typically you are going to see that most “food products” include some sort of ingredients (usually about […]