For the Beginner: Foundational Strength and Mobility | MAX SHANK

There are several reasons why people start an exercise program, and just as many that make people stop.

4 steps to build a LASTING exercise routine based on the science of habit formation and psychology:

(Don't worry we're not going to get super sciency)


Choose small habits you can succeed at daily. A habit needs to have a trigger, and a reward.

Example: When I wake up (trigger) I will do a #5minuteflow and then have a big glass of water afterward (reward)


There are many viable substitutes when it comes to which activity you'd like to pursue. Pick one that will help you reach your goals AND will be fun.

Example: Think outside the box..go play a game, grab a hula hoop, or walk in a beautiful setting.


Start out with something you cannot fail at and gradually add to it.

Example: Going from minimal movement to hour long spin classes daily sounds great, but how long will it last? Start with less, succeed, then add more.


Morning movement is keystone habit that leads to multiple good habits such as eating healthier and finding other physical activities that are enjoyable.

Example: The overwhelming majority of the world's most successful people make exercise a part of their morning routine. Although the specific activities differ, getting movement under your belt early helps make the most of your day.

Now It's Time To START...

The Quick Version

Trigger: Wake up

Routine: Move your joints (circles are good) for 1-5 minutes (starting small works better)

Reward: A refreshing glass of water

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Once you've got your daily mobility routine totally locked in, then you can start exploring the path to awesome strength, flexibility, and fitness.

Above everything else, just stay consistent and have fun with it!