Arm Bars and Hammer Throws

As you all know by now, I love athletically driven activities. From wakeboarding to ping pong and highland games to jiu jitsu, I love to do it all. Not only that but I am a highly competitive person. One problem is that there are only a fixed number of hours in the day, and only so much energy you can spend. Call it 100 points per day to keep it a round number. You can spend these 100 points on any activity, let’s say for the sake of argument that these are only related to physical activity and not mental–though there is a significant correlation between required mental focus and physical activity.

So lately I have been training hard for highland games and Jiu Jitsu. The truth is, there really aren’t enough hours in the day, or points, to dedicate enough time to each efficiently. What I have been able to do is apply philosophies that I know about exercise to maximize my time and benefit for each practice. Firstly I applied the tenets of athleticism that I have outlined here.

Secondly, I scheduled my practice sessions so they would not hinder the next thing I would do that day. In a training session, you would always put your explosive work before your strength work, and your strength work before your endurance work.

1) Power

2) Strength

3) Endurance

Yesterday I trained Highland throws first (power), followed by weight training (Strength), followed by Jiu Jitsu (endurance). Is it ideal for me to practice all 3 in the same day? Maybe and maybe not, but the fact remains that I was able to train everything I wanted to without hindering the other practices. I am taking a very minimalist approach to the strength side and probably only spend about 20 of my daily points on strength training–leaving another 80 points for practicing each set of skills. It’s all give and take, and you have to take from one in order to give to another–remember that when you are planning your training week or day.

The other way to be good at everything is to operate at 80% effort for the majority of your training. For an outline of why 80% is better check this out here.

In order to compete at a high level in more than one sport, you have to be extremely efficient with your time and your energy. The only way to do that is with careful and purposeful planning. Don’t forget why you’re practicing either–because it’s FUN. Enjoy it.

Better Every Day.