About Max Shank | Teacher, Coach, Author, Writer, Creator

Hi, I'm Max Shank.

I've written 3 books and taught over a hundred courses in countries around the world. These experiences have allowed me to help 10's of Thousands of people across the globe improve their lives through physical fitness. I also have the pleasure to operate the best damn gym in Encinitas, CA (Southern California) called Ambition Athletics, where hundreds more get better every day.

In college I studied Economics and Spanish, so if this fitness thing doesn't work I'm going to have to resort to selling burritos at fair market value.

But seriously, I use basic economic principles to make training and life easier by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of everything I do.

I like to experiment and explore the human condition. Fitness is my primary method of developing life-altering skills. In addition, I've picked up guitar, piano, and drums as an adult. Recently, I built my dining room table with my own two hands using no screws or nails. Life is full of opportunities for growth and I look forward to exploring as many as I possible can!

There is so much joy to be had from taking great care of your body and enjoying our ability to navigate the world in a limitless variety of ways. If you get the wild idea to take up tennis, kickboxing, wakeboarding, or gymnastics in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, I want to make sure you can do it-- without the fear of getting injured.

I want for everyone else, what I have been able to achieve. The ability to try anything I want, while continuing to get better every day. This is the secret to a lifetime of what we call health and fitness.

I'm here to give you physical freedom, and to help you get better every day.

Join me, it's far more fun this way.

Better every day,

Embracing obstacles as opportunities for improvement...

I champion an approach to training that emphasizes health, fun, and a lifetime of sustainable progress. My programs outline straightforward, practical methods that allow a beginner to make steady, yet dramatic progress - while providing strategies for even the most accomplished athletes to take their abilities to the next level.

Outside of the gym...I like to eat ice cream, travel the world teaching people to be awesome, and learn to play musical instruments.

I don't know it all, but I will definitely know more tomorrow, and keep getting better every day.

I believe that our lives can be MOST improved by cultivating a happy and healthy lifestyle through reasonable, consistent exercise incorporating fun and injury prevention over the long term.

My mission in life is to give people the freedom to pursue any athletic endeavor for their entire lives.