Who needs fitness help?

I’ve changed. It’s been over 6 years since I opened my gym Ambition Athletics, and my thoughts about fitness and training could not be more different…

When I opened the gym originally, I was full of attitude and thought that training fighters would be the bees knees. Come to find out later that 90% of fighters have no money and, more importantly, no appreciation for strength and conditioning training.

Fight Club Fitness

Fast forward to a few years ago and I had transitioned into a more “high level general athlete” mindset. Helping people learn how to go from a badass athlete to a super badass athlete was the real deal.

What I realize now, is that the bulk of fitness professionals are drawn toward the idea of “elite.” They are drawn to the idea of being a total badass, which is great, but that’s not the MOST important.

The important part is to have a path for people to overcome the initial inertia of non-movement. The biggest payoff also has the most challenging barrier to entry–getting started.

I think it is so critical for fitness professionals to have an understanding of beginner progressions to allow anyone the opportunity to move, train, lift, and get better every day. Small steps, habit formation, flexibility work, and basic calisthenics–a foundation to build upon for a lifetime.

What we have to all realize is that “fitness” is a long journey and that no specific part of the journey is better than any other part. The key is to have the path fully mapped out. You need a “you are here” and a “I want to go here” with all the steps in between clearly laid You are hereout.

Now don’t get me wrong, I want us all to become total badasses doing front levers, deadlifting houses, and sprinting full-speed on any court or field we step on to. Yet, there needs to be an easy starting point with helpful steps along the way.

If you’re a fitness professional, try to think about how you can better help people make that first and most difficult step.

If you’re not, and you find yourself having difficulty making that first step, I recommend you start with a #5minuteflow and think about what you’d like to achieve long-term. Then just do a little bit every day and have fun.

Better Every Day,

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