What type of conditioning is right for YOU?

In my book Ultimate Athleticism one of the things I go over towards the end of the book is conditioning. The first thing to consider is that people fall into different categories for their conditioning requirements.

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This category is represented by people who need to get in shape for a certain reason–usually for a sport or competition. Think of cycling or triathlons, no amount of squat jumps is going to prepare you the same for either of these–you need to practice the skill and the endurance in that specific activity.


This is where most of us fall into. There is no specific reason other than health or aesthetics to do things that get your heart rate up and make you sweaty. My favorite choice for people in this category (myself included) is to have the lions share of the work be an actual sport. The reason for this is that conditioning can be difficult for those of us in this category to adhere to. So to that end, in this category we need our conditioning choice to fulfill 2 requirements.

1) Fun

2) Safe

These two requirements will yield a choice for YOU that is sustainable. Yes there are lots of benefits to nerding it out with science-y formulas for improving your VO2 Max, but the extra benefit from doing these versus the fun thing is negligible compared to the benefits you receive from actually doing the activity happily.

So my recommendations for you, if you fall into this category is to find something that is fun and safe. If you can find a sport (boxing,tennis, swimming, basketball, etc) that is ideal because you are also building skills and that is good for your brain.

The other recommendation I have has to do with interval training, because it is so damn effective from a time investment to benefit ratio.


My good friends Jen and Dave put together an awesome resource for the people who fall into that category called Lift Weights Faster 2.

I’m not a “conditioning in the gym” guy myself but I can recognize quality when it’s presented to me and even though they are good friends of mine, the amount of work and effort they put into this is outrageous and inspiring.

Another thing they do well is support you in the journey and provide inspiration along the way–and I’ve never been that great in that sector either.

*Now the truth is, I rarely promote anything because I’m a skeptical, pessimistic, curmudgeon–I am unwilling to recommend something that isn’t rock solid because it’s a waste of everyone’s time and it lowers the meaning of my word. This is good, useful stuff and you get a lot of support along with it. They did a great job putting it together and having their stuff at your fingertips is a good way to ensure your sustained cardiovascular awesomeness with fun and safety along the way.

There is a special sale and killer contest with amazing prizes that ends TONIGHT at 12pm so if you wanted to pick up a copy now would definitely be the time to do it.


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2 thoughts on “What type of conditioning is right for YOU?

  • Max Shank

    Thanks PGJ! I do my best, I just think I'm not as much of an in-your-face sort of motivator as some!

  • PGJ

    "provide inspiration along the way–and I’ve never been that great in that sector either."
    I beg to differ, Max! Ultimate Athleticism is freaking inspiring and this site is full of great stuff regarding that sector.