My Weakness is my Strength

I just discovered a major weakness.

I generally consider myself to be a well-rounded athlete–I am very proud of that fact. I run, jump, flip, throw, kickbox, wrestle, wakeboard, and play sports at an excellent level for a non-professional. I work hard in and out of the gym to be this way.

The Weakness
Yesterday I found a gaping hole in my athleticism armor.

brokenchainI was at the beach, bodysurfing as I have done for many years, when I realized that I haven’t swam for any kind of extended time period. Normally it is just a fast burst to catch a wave with a long recovery in between. Yesterday I decided to try to do a little swimming without stopping and see how much ground I could cover.

This exposed several weaknesses.

I realized that my swimming technique must be pure garbage as I fatigued quickly. My coordination deteriorated rapidly, making it even worse. I could feel my arms and shoulders working in a way that they were completely unaccustomed to. After only a couple minutes I had to stop, breathing heavily and feeling a serious pump of blood in my lats, triceps, and shoulders.

I didn’t like this feeling, being a non-fish in the water. It made me feel vulnerable to be honest.

I repeated the experiment several more times (looking back it was more of a punishment than an experiment for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times).

The Opportunity
After some thought, I realized that this was not a chink in the armor, it was just an opportunity. A chance to develop a new skill and a new level of athleticism that is more well rounded than before. A chance to be a better version of myself, if I so choose.

My two choices are to avoid swimming, or to get better.

I don’t like to get all preachy, but cultivating yourself as a human being is all we really have in this life; learning a new language, developing the body and mind to a new level. This is, in my humble opinion, what life is about. It’s not the car, or the house, it’s your value and how it’s been multiplied over the years.

For the rest of the summer, I am committed to swimming at least once per week, and focusing on learning some better technique through coaching.

What do you have room for improvement in? How could you set a plan to easily get better at it? You’d be surprised what just a little bit of time and effort will bring you in any area that you’re looking to improve.

Better Every Day,