Time Blocks and Short Lists

Normal to-do lists fail because there is no timeframe. The deadline is “sometime” and there’s no definitive amount of time to dedicate to the task. Change that. When you come up with a list, also indicate how much time you are willing to spend on each task.

I like to use two very powerful, simple tools for getting stronger, and for getting things done:
1. Notepad (or whiteboard, sticky note, etc)
2. Stopwatch

When you start a training session, dedicate a block of time to each group of exercises that you have paired together–and write out these time blocks. There should always be a timer running. As soon as you finish one block, start up the next one. This is going to help you stay focused.

Same rules apply for accomplishing work and household duties.

My task list from today:
Take out trash (1 minute)
Put corned beef in the crock pot (3 minutes)
Organize and Donate Clothes (10 minutes)
Haircut (20 minutes)
Answer emails (20 minutes, I get a lot sometimes)
Write this article (25 minutes)
Write 2 chapters for next book (30 minutes)
Go to the local park and do front levers, handstand pushups, hill sprints, and finish with flexibility work (48 minutes):
20 minutes, alternating exercises:
      -Handstand Pushups
      -Front Levers
20 minutes:
      -Hill Sprints
Flexibility work (~8 minutes)

I realized that even though it seemed like a lot to accomplish in my head, once it was all written down it was very manageable.

So whether it is for workouts (This is how I have laid out all training in my books) or just general productivity:

Write it down.
et a time block.
Get it done.

Better Every Day.