Thumb Circles are More Important Now than Ever

Everything we do is subject to the laws of cause and effect.

One thing we do a ton of now is texting and spending time in front of the computer.

If not, good for you! Maybe this isn’t for you (lets be very honest with ourselves here)…

With texting and typing, overuse of your thumbs and compromised positions of your wrists are guaranteed.

Unfortunately, your body is like dominos in this regard and issues at the thumb/wrist travel up the chain through the elbow/shoulder/neck.

So here’s a quick fix: make some circles with your thumbs while holding your arms/wrists in a variety of positions.

The more challenging (better) fix is going to be to spend less time on your phone–but based on statistics alone, that may be a pipe dream.

Have an awareness of your habits and activities and understand that there is a cost/benefit to time spent in every way. Think about the not-so-great positions, activities, or postures you spend a lot of time in throughout the day and see if there’s a way to either eliminate the problem or counteract it with a movement solution.

Better every day,

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