The Two Best Exercises You’ve Never Tried

A great all-around exercise should make people stronger, promote better posture, and if possible, enhance flexibility.

Consider that our back muscles tend to get super weak while our chest and shoulders get super stiff. This is largely due to the nature of the muscles (tonic vs. phasic) and the demands (or non-demands) of normal daily life, such as prolonged sitting in chairs.

Enter the Shank Lever and the Zombie Press, two movements that will fortify your lats, shoulder girdle, and core and give you everything you’re looking for in an exercise.

Read full article on T-Nation: How to do the Zombie Press and Shank Lever


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3 thoughts on “The Two Best Exercises You’ve Never Tried

  • Max Shank

    The plank might not be that worthwhile as a goal-directive in the big scheme of things. You should be able to hold a pushup position for 1-2 minutes but you don't need to train it often as part of your regimen.

  • Monika

    I saw the video of you doing the Zombie press before. My mouth fell open and would not close. So impressive!!!
    May I ask you, not related to this post, what you think of the plank challenges like this one

    I just read somewhere that holding a plank more then 8-10 seconds doesn't make sense. I like to get stronger, but want to do it right. Thanks.