The Real “Body Love”

Body Love is the latest hot topic to hit the fitness industry.

I like the idea, really I do.

However, I have seen this idea portrayed in two ways.The first, which I like, is about not striving for the myth of perfection. The second, which I don’t, is about excusing people who completely disrespect their bodies with what they do.

Show me a man or woman that is 100 pounds overweight who says they love their body and I will show you a liar. This is a classic example of people saying one thing and doing another. It’s fairly similar to a husband who beats his wife but says, “I love you.”Lying in a pile of chips is not body love

Imagine you spend your day eating garbage and sitting on your ass and then look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” What is the real message? Instead, show your love by how much of your time and energy you are willing to dedicate to the continued health of your body and mind. If you really love your body, give it your time and care.

Act How You Want to Feel
I have seen time and time again the transformation from timid and ashamed of one’s body to room filling confidence. The funny part is that this is not necessarily because of a massive weight loss, or even a very significant body change. It has to do with real body love. Once a person has invested a significant amount of time and energy to better themselves, their whole mindset shifts forever. The resultant weight loss eventually comes as well, but the psychological shift is even more pronounced.

When I see a person who is 100 pounds overweight giving speeches about body love at colleges, It makes me shake my head, and wonder what the world is coming to.

Whether you are in the shape of your life, or just starting out on a fitness journey from a long hiatus, it really doesn’t matter. What matters, are your actions. What do you do every day that slowly kills you, or helps you thrive and grow? With your body, it’s exactly the same damn thing, you don’t love your body if you treat it like (and fill it with) garbage.

In a certain sense, body love isn’t about “mindset” at all. It’s about what you do–actions speak much, much louder than words.

If I have a point to make, it is this:

  • We all have a body
  • They all look different
  • Be happy with what you got
  • Try to get a little better every day
  • Get some skills, and become more ninja-like

I am 100% behind body love. Let’s be sure it lifts us up emotionally and psychologically without tearing us down physically. Get out there and spread real “Body Love”!

Better Every Day,

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4 thoughts on “The Real “Body Love”

  • Amy

    I love this!

    There are so many “self help” strategies, life coaches, motivational speakers, self promotors, views on what it means to have self love, etc.

    Maybe there really are people who aren’t at a healthy weight, yet still feel great and full of self/body love? I’m not sure about that one? However, I applaud all who do make any attempt to better themselves, whether it be by motivating others to be happy with the way they are, or Live a healthy lifestyle with balance.

    Everyone needs to start somewhere!

    Great post:)