The Missing Link in Fitness Programs

When I first got into coaching over 10 years ago, a personal training session looked like this:

Warm Up: 5 minutes on treadmill

3 sets:
Bench Press
Leg Press
Treadmill 2 min (for cardio, of course)

3 sets:
Leg Extension
Treadmill 2 min

The first thing I see is, damn that’s a lot of treadmill for someone paying 60 bucks an hour.
The second thing is the complete lack of any moving around in space.
Finally, the worst is that there is absolutely no emphasis on increasing flexibility.

That last point is the purpose of this article today, and really, my driving force at the moment. Increasing a person’s movement capacity, in today’s world, should be the #1 priority of a fitness coach.

Mobility is the Missing Link
Getting strong is so damn simple…if–and it’s a big IF–someone is healthy and flexible enough to do so safely. If they don’t have healthy joints that can go through their full range of motion, they are going to get hurt trying to lift heavy things.

We can either spend time on mobility now, or spend time on rehab later.

Let’s paint a scenario to highlight this point:
You go to the gym and start doing squats. It’s challenging to get down there and it feels a little uneven, but you’re on a strength program so you squat, and squat, and you add weight. You start to get stronger over the weeks but now you start to feel a little stiffer as well. Your squats don’t go quite as deep anymore because you notice a little twinge in the knee when you go too low. This is the start of an immobility avalanche. A vicious cycle that ends with you in pain.

What you should have done instead was emphasize mobility in all the joints responsible for ideal squatting (Ankles, knees, hips, core strength).

Mobility really is the missing link. Not only does it provide a safe path to increasing your overall Athleticism, but it allows you to continue doing what is most important, and that is maintaining an active lifestyle that is pain-free.

Because we sit so much and have our eyes buried in a computer screen of some sort, our mobility is deteriorating rapidly as a whole. It MUST be addressed consistently. This, of course, is why I developed 5 Minute Flow.

I’ve taught thousands of personal trainers over the last decade how to help make their clients better. In all that time the most challenging piece of the puzzle has been mobility.

It takes knowledge.
It takes time.
It takes consistency.
AND–it will make everything you do, better, easier, and more enjoyable.

So where to begin?
First, you have to make mobility a habit. Start by making some circles with your joints every day.
Next, splice mobility drills in with your normal strength training supersets.

Thoracic Bridge

Thoracic Bridge pairs well with Upper Pulling

Thoracic Mobility
Hip Mobility

By splicing the mobility drills, we are more efficient with time and more effective with each exercise as it is now supercharged by the synergistic mobility.

For my latest course, 5 Minute Flow, I’ve put together a 20 page manual that outlines the various aspects of mobility, breathing, core strength, and how to seamlessly blend these together for a well-rounded and health-driven fitness program.

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Better Every Day,

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