NEVER Swing a Kettlebell Until You Do THIS

Kettlebell Swings are an extremely powerful exercise for improving athleticism, posture, strength, and building a better butt.

Unfortunately they are also extremely dangerous…If your body isn’t properly prepared for the task.

Far too many people jump right into kettlebell swings without proper preparation, hurt their back, and say kettlebells hurt them. It was not the kettlebell’s fault–it was just a lack of proper preparation.

Today I’m going to teach you how to prepare the body to do kettlebell swings safely and effectively. This simple sequence will not only help prevent injury, but it will also supercharge any of your full-body athletic movements.Swing Deadlift Prep

Let’s get right to it.

First, understand that the Kettlebell Swing is essentially the same movement as a deadlift. In fact, apart from the movement and position of the arms, it should be identical.

In order to perform this “hip-hinge” type movement safely and effectively, you need 3 things.

  • Hip Mobility
  • Posterior Chain Activation
  • Core Strength

This would be fine, if hours upon hours in a seated position didn’t actively destroy all 3 of these!

The Sequence
Luckily there is a simple sequence that can address these 3 areas and get you swinging and deadlifting big weights with no pain or stiffness in the back!

Step 1: Mobilize the Hips with the 1/2 Kneeling Hip Mobilizations
Step 2: Activate the Glutes with Bridges
Step 3: Integrate new Hip Mobility with Core Stability during Push-Up Knee Tucks

Repeat for 2-3 cycles before your lower body power or strength movements (like KB Swings, Jumps, Cleans, or Deadlifts)

[Here’s the Sequence–pulled from my Kettlebell Essentials Video Series]

Mobility Splicing
One of the biggest secrets to my success with training comes from these little extras. Sometimes I call it “mobility splicing.” Sometimes I call it “activation.” Whatever you want to call it, adding these little movements to enhance your main lifts is crucial for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and injury prevention.

I first introduced this concept of mobility splicing back in my book Ultimate Athleticism–and I believe it is the holy grail of training and exercise. These movements stack the deck in your favor and are especially important for Kettlebell Training.

As always, the BEST way to get good at anything is through proper instruction. If you want a NO-BS, time-tested, how-to supercharge your training with Kettlebells, then I strongly recommend instant-download Kettlebell Essentials. (It’s on sale now).

Better every day,

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5 thoughts on “NEVER Swing a Kettlebell Until You Do THIS

  • Max Shank Post author

    Hi Greg! What a great gift! I had a friend help me custom build it–I strongly recommend finding a pro and having them design it specifically to the yard. If you’re in So Cal I can give you my contact’s info. Email me at if you want it.

  • Greg

    Where did u get ur rig for your backyard? I wanna get something like it as a gift for my business partner.

  • Max Shank Post author

    Good luck with those hips Peter! Make sure you focus on enhancing your hip flexor strength AND glute strength in both flexion and extension.

  • PeterA

    Looks like some great exercises, and well explained. 🙂 I’m hoping this will help with my damaged hip flexors. I pulled the front of the hip in my college 40 years ago, and then once they were stiff I’ve re-hurt them several times. The underlying hip bones have turned to gravel from lack of proper movement. 🙂