Simba Squats

The Goblet Squat is a fantastic exercise to teach the movement pattern and engage the anterior chain (front abs), but everything has it’s weakness…

The common weaknesses for the squat movement are the abs and upper back. For the hips to be mobile, the core must provide stability. If it does not, the hips will try to take over the job of the core–this is no good and makes your hips stiff and your low back work double time.

Enter the Simba Squat
We can specifically address both of these trouble spots with a magic little variation on the Goblet Squat called the Simba Squat.

1. Use a much lighter weight to start than you normally would.
2. Think arms like a plank: Forearms vertical and upper arm parallel to the ground.
3. If your kettlebell had eyes, you would be gazing directly into them.

1. Use this for a couple of sets as a warm up for your heavier squats or…
2. Use it as a standalone exercise on an “easy” leg day for more core emphasis.
(if using Ultimate Athleticism template, categorize as Lower Push)

By maintaining this position, you force the shoulders and upper back to work harder, and the core to light up. Don’t be surprised if you can get deeper and more comfortably in your squat.

Remember, it’s not about how much weight you lift, it’s how much benefit and what kind of training effect you get from it. Don’t dismiss exercises just because the number of pounds is on the low side.

Do this exercise and get better!

Better every day,

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