Safe, Fun, Effective–The Keys To Long Term Success


Success in training isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It can be monotonous to deadlift and squat all the time (yes, even for me) and difficult to stay consistent. One major component of success is to keep things fun and interesting…

I am often asked what the best program out there for training is–and my response is always the same; “The one you’ll actually do.”

I’m not joking…


Enjoying whatever it is you’re working on puts you so far ahead of the game it’s insane. Not only will the consistency itself pay off huge dividends, but by having fun while training, your brain and body adapt better and make you stronger, leaner & faster.


Safety is something that I have taken a stronger, and stronger stance on when it comes to exercise. Many current fitness training modalities focus on speed and intensity at the expense of safety. The purpose of exercise is to make you better, not break you down. Don’t underestimate the risks associated with whatever you are doing and try to stick to The 80% Rule. Also evaluate whether or not you should be performing such an exercise at such an intensity by asking yourself Can You Do It Well?

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The effectiveness of a training session is all about what you get out of it, and in this case the primary goal should be to change your body or fitness level to something greater than before. The secondary benefit is how the workout itself makes you feel. It should make you feel better than when you first started, and it should make you feel more alive. Stagnancy and mediocrity are the enemies here, we aren’t meant to just coast, we are meant to thrive.

I am not a huge fan of conditioning in the conventional sense. You say, “go for a run on the treadmill,” and I hear, “bash head against wall for a long time.” Running on a treadmill doesn’t meet any of these three requirements for a solid training session.

Success in Conditioning

You know how much I love heavy lifting and gymnastics for my strength training, and you might also be aware that I happen to love Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing as my primary sources of conditioning or fat loss. What I also realize is that these are not easily accessible to everyone. And as I get busier traveling and working on projects (coming soon, get excited) I am beginning to understand the difficulty that some people have in finding safe, fun, and effective conditioning…

You may not be able to Kickbox on the road, but you don’t have to settle for something you hate! Take a look at my good friend Jen’s new product Lift Weights Faster.

(In my career the only other thing that I have promoted is a water flosser. I used to get cavities frequently, I hate flossing, and this has eliminated them completely. My point being, I don’t push bullshit)

Back to the rad book (by the way, I’m bringing back “rad”). Lift Weights Faster satisfies the three components of long term training success. You get a great conditioning product by Jen, an excellent and concise manual on how to get strong from my friend Dave, and a really neat manual that talks about nutrition in a realistic way that promotes whole food and sustainability. The bottom line is, I think what she has to offer is a friggin’ steal and I’m proud of how hard she and Dave have worked to put it all together.

That’s it, go pick up your copy here and don’t forget to get a water flosser, seriously, it will change your life.

Better Every Day,