The Pandora Approach to Life

I have become enamored (obsessed) with listening to Pandora Radio. Any genre is ready at my fingertips to provide the soundtrack to my life. This ranges from listening to reggae music on a Saturday afternoon or starting my day by listening to a sampling of my favorite comedians.

What I love about Pandora, is that it exposes me to things that I would otherwise have never sampled. By putting yourself in a situation where the decision is sort of made for you, you get to skip the phase of decision making where you have to overcome inertia to get started.

Dude: “Hey you should try broccoli, it’s good for you and you’ll like it.”
Me: “Yeah, totally.” (yeah, right)

Dude: “Here is some broccoli, eat it.
Me: “This is pretty good, thanks.”

Overcoming that first step to try something new is usually the hardest part.

The trick is to force the issue however you can. There are some examples below, but sometimes you will have to overcome the inertia yourself.


We recently set up a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture–You pay a subscription for a weekly box of produce from a local farm) drop off point at the gym. I was super excited about this for two reasons: 1) I don’t need to shop for produce 2) I will automatically have more variety in my diet which is a good thing. I also like the idea of helping support local farmers rather than mega corporations. So I get awesome organic food from a local farm delivered to me weekly–this is radical.

The CSA is just another great example of cultivating new experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise have. I’ve never had a turnip but there’s a good chance I am going to find one in my CSA box and try to make it work. Who knows, I might love it.

Learn something new every day

The amount of resources available to us now is staggering in its size. You should be able to learn something new every single day for the rest of your life if all you did was watch videos/lectures online. Wikipedia has great articles, TedTalks has interesting speakers talking about a cornucopia of topics. Your own determination to become a man (or woman) of substance is the only thing that limits your ability to improve yourself every day.

Eating as Entertainment

Skip going out to eat and do an activity. Batting Cages, Go-Karts, sculpture class. These are just ideas but the point is that even just doing something different is good for you brain. The more varied your activities are, the less stagnant, and the more alive you become.

While I’m on this topic, let’s talk about the perverse fixation on going out to eat above all other forms of adult entertainment. What in the hell is up with this? Ask a few friends if they want to grab a drink and you get 100% success rate. Ask the same crew if they want to throw the frisbee around or go rock-climbing and you’re lucky to have anyone join you.

The reality that going out to eat is the adult form of “entertainment” is a burden borne by our society as a whole. Stuff your face, watch a movie. These are acceptable adult fun. Getting drunk is apparently cool too.

I’m not here to judge anyone or imply that my way is better. But all you have in the end are the experiences you’ve had. I’d rather have mine happen on a wakeboard than a barstool.

Learn more things. Do more things. Inspire others to do more things.
Complacency and stagnancy are the enemies. Kill them.

Change it up today.  Enjoy your experience. Share it with the rest of us in the comments.

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