Kinetic Chain Deadlifts

Sometimes the stars align and a miracle seems to happen…

When I was experimenting the other day, I stumbled across an incredible discovery for the field of strength and health. You see, I was looking to teach someone how to deadlift better using some basic gymnastics ideas from Ultimate Athleticism.

The Path to a Better Deadlift…

Kinetic Chain Deadlift

A great deadlift comes from smooth movement AND using the right muscles. Yet, sometimes the core muscles (the right muscles!) take a vacation and send all the pressure to the back.

Fortunately there is a way to fix this, and it’s easy!

As you know, I’m always looking for ways to make things more simple, easy, and effective. The Kinetic Chain Deadlift is an absolute home run…

Specifically, the Planche and Front Lever movements provide the secrets to a better deadlift, better upper body strength, and full body kinetic chain integration. By using Front Lever and Planche progressions using a band throughout the deadlift movement, you can effectively supercharge your kinetic chains.

Allow me to introduce Kinetic Chain Deadlifts

Not only will these movements teach your body about the importance of full-body tension, but you will build some serious strength in your upper body pushing and pulling muscles.

Want to make this harder?
Add some weights in your hands (keep the band around the wrist).
Want something harder still?
See if you can counteract rotation and use only one arm at a time (seriously tough)!

Do these before your gymnastics work OR before your deadlifts—they will effectively enhance both of them. You can do them spliced in with the normal training or beforehand as a “Strength Primer.”


P.S. For more information on how to seamlessly program weightlifting (like deadlift, Olympic lifts, squats) with gymnastics movements, check out my flagship program Ultimate Athleticism.

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