Hip and Core Trifecta

One of the most common sources of problems is the lower back.

For years coaches have been using hip flexor mobilizations and various active hip extension work combined with core activation as the holy trinity of improving the chance of a solid training session, and lowering the chance of sore backs afterward.

Now Lets Up the Ante, RotationallyHip Flexor Stretch

1. Starting in the 1/2 kneeling position (a place where a person should be comfortable).

2. Squeeze the glute of the knee-down leg as if to push that hip forward. The abs should be tensed enough to prevent the ribcage from flaring upward (unwanted compensation). You can also do a spinal rotation in that position if desired.

3. Circle back and forth a couple times on each leg until every direction has been sufficiently opened up.

4. Quickly flip over and lay down on the floor.

5. Pull the feet in toward the butt so the knees are bent past 90 degrees. Perform a glute bridge by squeezing the glutes and pushing the hips up into the sky.Rotatiting Bridge

6. Drop one knee toward the floor out to the side by pivoting on the foot. This will require your leg that didn’t move to work harder and at a series of new angles. Continue twisting the pelvis toward the floor while keeping the hip and knee pointed straight up. Reverse the movement until you hit the normal bridge in the center. Repeat on other side.

7. Finally, we are going to set the hips and core together.
Start in a push-up position and bring your right knee to your right elbow. Hold for 1 breath. Return to start. Bring the right knee to opposite elbow. Hold for 1 breath. Return to start. Bring right knee to outside of right elbow. Hold for 1 breath. Repeat on other side. This will set the core and improve hip flexion, which will help you get into a better position for squats, deadlifts, and anything leg related.

Do these 3 movements before your heavy lifts and feel the power of the hips and core doing their magic!

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