Confidence vs Arrogance

Confidence is knowing that your way works.
Arrogance is thinking that your way is the only way (that works).

In the field of Fitness, there is no shortage of gurus speaking in absolutes. You MUST do this, or else. If you do what that other guy says, you might not live to see tomorrow. Usually these commands come from people who are the most closed-minded.

If what you say is true, then power to you, but to indicate that your answer is the only answer is asinine and arrogant. Let me give you a prime example.

You (fitness dude): Hi there, how’s it going.
Them (wants to get fit, but not quite there): Awesome! I just started doing zumba 3 times per week, I feel great.
You: Zumba is stupid and a waste of time, you shouldn’t even bother with something that ineffective. Do [kettlebells/crossfit/olympic lifting/kickboxing/etc], it’s way better.
Them: …Oh, I didn’t know. *sadly changes subject*


I am only slightly exaggerating what I have heard time and again from people in the fitness industry. The arrogance and outright rudeness sickens me.

This is why I have come up with a few rules for you to communicate with people.
#1) Do not tear others down
#2) Encourage physical activity of all kinds
#3) Offer advice, WHEN ASKED FOR IT
#4) Help in whatever way you can to promote healthy living–no matter what that entails

What should have been said above; “Wow that is awesome! Great for you! Have you ever tried [insert activity]? It’s ridiculously fun and effective, if you’re ever interested I’m happy to help you.
Them: Yay! Thanks! You are so great, let’s go out on a date, I’ll buy.

It’s as simple as that folks.

The take away here is that there are many great options as far as healthy living is concerned. The primary requirements for lifetime fitness are: Fun, Sustainability, and Results.

Take the high road, it’s all good.

Better Every Day.

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