Commitment to Health

I’m always thinking of how to really embody the idea of “better every day,” in all areas of my life–and how to help other people see the value in living that way.

I bought a house this year and the back yard needed serious help. With a lot of options available to me, I ultimately decided to turn it into what effectively looks like a monkey habitat.

One of my first thoughts was “people are going to think I’m crazy.”

Am I really, though?

There is a direct correlation with how much someone is willing to commit to being physically fit, and how physically fit they actually are.

There are many different levels depending on what your level of commitment is:

Level 0) No equipment at home whatsoever
Level 1) A set of rings and a pull up bar
Level 2) Level 1 plus some kettlebells or a barbell
Level 3) Monkey bars, parallel bars, full rig, etc

What I’ve come to realize is this: If you’re not willing to spend a hundred bucks on a set of rings and a pull-up bar that will last you for years, then maybe you need to seriously reevaluate if you are actually committed at all to improving yourself physically.

When I think of all the things the average person spends money on–a good 5%+ of it is complete useless bullshit.

Doesn’t it make sense to spend a few bucks on a way to very easily improve your health and strength?

Figure out where you’re spending your time and money and if it is bringing you closer or further away from the things you want the most–once you have that, you can adjust course if necessary.

What % of your discretionary income are you willing to dedicate toward your health and strength? There is no wrong answer, but you need to have an honest answer.

I think once you start out with something simple, like a set of gymnastics rings, it will set you down the path that will eventually lead you to having a sweet jungle gym in the back yard.

Commit, and be awesome.

Better every day,

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2 thoughts on “Commitment to Health

  • Dude

    Max, love the monkey habitat. It would be great to get more details – pics, building process, etc. Perhaps some backyard ideas we can steal. Keep up the awesome. Thanks, Dude.

  • csar

    Wow i would love to have (and USE) such a backyard/jungle gym!
    Am I commited? I think so… I paid for 2 kettlebell workshops, 2 kettlebells, set of rings, pullup bar, and your UA program 🙂
    But while i have heard that kettlebells at home tend to "multiply", i find that other fitness equipment sometimes is bought without enough commitment (or even as a replacement for commitment). Best example here are running shoes. Some people buy them and actually go running, but others buy them so they can tell themselves "at least i REALLY tried". This happened to me some years ago. I still have the shoes, and i used them maybe twice.

    I wonder if that has anything to do with inspiration. Who looks at other runners and thinks "oh my god i want to be able to do that!"? Compare that to watching videos of strength feats, especially bodyweight stuff. That is MUCH more motivating.

    I wonder how long its going to be until i can do a front lever or L-sit to handstand 🙂