Can you Feel the Love?

Over the past few years you have probably heard me say something like this regarding those who are the most athletic:
“The best athletes all have one thing in common–they have been consistent for a long time.”

Now this is true up to a point, but after giving it more thought I realized that was only the byproduct of the actual reason some have more success than others:

Now before you roll your eyes and click off of this website, understand that I’m not trying to wax poetic–I’m simply indicating the strongest positive emotion toward an idea.

Whether you love to surf, lift weights, hike, play tennis, or do martial arts, you have found something active that you love–and it’s easy to stick with it.

Do you think that the world record holder in powerlifting loves to squat, bench, and deadlift? You bet your ass he does. Michael Phelps loves swimming, and Serena Williams loves tennis. As I write this, it is 11:05pm on a Wednesday night, and I can’t imagine a scenario where I wouldn’t want to write this piece. The reason I’ve invested the past 10 years of my life into physical and mental improvement is that I love it too much to spend my time doing much else.

serena-williams-440In China, they have an extremely sophisticated system of finding Olympic gymnasts with the right body types and they spend a ton of money training these athletes. In the United States, we don’t specifically recruit or spend a lot of money in training these gymnasts-it’s basically a thankless sport in this country. Despite this, the US has historically won more gold medals. What this tells us is that an American athlete has to have an almost insane obsession with the sport–Love. The reason they win is that they love it, in spite of the fact that they will get nothing out of it beyond the actual performance of the art.

We are only human, and no human would be willing to invest so much time into something they didn’t love.

In my experience owning a gym and teaching multiple workshops, I have seen the other side too. The people who didn’t find any enjoyment from physical activity and were typically coming to the gym out of a desire for self improvement or a dissatisfaction with their current physical appearance or ability. I don’t want to discount the value of striving to better yourself for aesthetic or health reasons–it is extremely important and that step is even harder if you don’t enjoy the process.

If you’re going to be in it for the long haul, you’ve got to find the love.

If you’re reading this you may have already discovered that movement really lights your fire–and I congratulate you! If not, I encourage you to start exploring your options.

One of the primary reasons I created 5 minute flow was to offer a stepping stone into learning to love to move. You get 5 minutes where you can explore the space and do anything fun that your heart desires–find a way to enjoy the experience.

After all, the clock continues to tick away whether we like it or not.

So do yourself a huge favor and make a commitment not to just move, but to learn how to love movement. Do a 5 minute flow, try to juggle, dance, throw a frisbee, or attempt a handstand. Explore all of the options, and just have fun with it–when you do, you’ll be consistent and you’ll soon receive all the benefits of physical exercise that one could ever want.

Better every day,

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