Build Muscle and Get Ripped…at the Grocery Store

Strength, as I often say, is quite simple. Move well first, then lift heavy things and move fast. Muscle building and body composition are a different story. Your diet is going to play a pivotal role in your muscle growth and leanness. Where most people go wrong is they try to make a plan (which is great) without taking into consideration their routine that is already in place.

If you wake up at 5am and have to be at work by 5:30am, it doesn’t make sense to spend 30 minutes cooking breakfast before you go to work—even if it is part of the “perfect meal plan.”

The trick is to not only build your nutritional plan around your routine, but to make sure you can avoid the junk food alternatives due to convenience.

This is the biggest problem I see in my coaching:

Lack of planning leads to poor food choices due to convenience.

Don’t let your potentially shredded body slip through your fingers because you didn’t think to plan ahead.

The secret to solving this problem lies in what you buy at the grocery store.

Find some healthy food that requires zero prep time.

I mean literally zero time, a fall back option that you can pull out of the fridge and be eating within 1 minute.

Make sure whatever you eat is high in fat and protein. They’re good for you.

The caveat, of course is that it should taste good too. I have no desire to compromise health for taste. I can easily get both.

Obviously it is all individual but here are some of the things that I purchase to make sure I always have an easy option that is also tasty and healthy.


Bell Peppers (cut)

Whole Cooked Turkey Breast

Cheese (of many varieties, a topic all in itself)

String Cheese (even easier)

Pesto (Parmesean, olive oil, basil, and delicious)

Nuts (I like cashews, pistachios, almonds, and macadamias)

Almond Butter

Foods that require prep ahead of time:

– Hard Boiled eggs

– Cooked steak/fish/chicken cut into pieces or strips

– Diced, cooked, sweet potatoes (can pair with onions and mushrooms for hash)

Taking care of business at the gym starts at the grocery store. Get your food dialed easily and set yourself up for success.


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