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As I have been updating my website I realized that I have neglected to share with you many articles and podcasts I’ve done outside of and Ultimate Athleticism. I think these are great (duh) so I am going to occasionally post a few items I think you will enjoy.

Back-of-Wrist-Push-Ups-28 Minutes to Awesome
Think back to everyone you’ve ever met who can bang out over 50 push-ups and 20 pull-ups or chin-ups. Weren’t they all pretty damn strong? Didn’t they all have at least some decent level of musculature?

There are a lot of guys in the military who, on a steady diet of push-ups and pull-ups, hit some awesome numbers in the bench press and weighted pull-up with little or no training.

Read more about bringing back the basics on

The 80% Rule
New clients at Ambition Athletics learn the 80% rule the very first day they come in for an intro session. I realized over the years in my own training that following this guideline really does the trick for almost anyone. I can’t physically stand over each of my students and tell them to stop when I feel they’ve done the “perfect” amount of reps. Not only that, but that perfect number of reps is going to change from set to set.

Learn how to apply the 80% Rule

GMB Fitness Skills Show Podcast
I had a great time chatting about skill acquisition, training 20 year old athletes with the same program as Grandma Betty, and keeping things simple. If you want to know more about Ultimate Athleticism this is a great listen.

Listen to the podcast

On the Road again!
I’ve had a great summer playing by my pool and now it’s time to get back into the swing of traveling and teaching workshops. Here’s where I’ll be in the upcoming months:

August 16-17 The Dragon Door Health and Strength Conference Minneapolis, MN
August 22-23 Ultimate Athleticism Workshop Encinitas, CA (San Diego)
August 29-30 Ultimate Athleticism Workshop Cartersville, GA (Atlanta)
September 11-13 RKC II Certification Encinitas, CA
September 25-27 RKC II Certification Houston, TX
October (basically the whole month) RKC I, RKCII, Ultimate Athleticism Munich, Germany
Check out all my upcoming events

Let me know if you like this new format and what else you would like to see up on my site.

Better Every Day,

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2 thoughts on “Articles, Podcast, and Upcoming Events

  • Max Shank

    Thanks! Your english is fantastic–better than my spanish, I think 🙂

    These pushups are very common in martial arts which does in fact promote wrist toughness needed to excel at both arts.


    Hey Max!

    Love your articles! Many good advices nor only for training but for
    "life" too .

    First of all sorry for my english, i am from spain 😉

    Your last article " 8 minutes to awesome" was really good. And it
    works, i know it cause it is what i have been doing since over year.

    I was a gym whore but due to job shifts, move (no gym near) i had to start
    training at home. at first i was worried abouth losing muscle, strength and all
    those things….how wrong i was! high volume of dips, pull ups, push ups, bodyweight
    squats and my dear 120lbs homemade sandbag made me stronger,healthier and more
    aesthetic 🙂 now there is a gym 5 minutes walking from my house and is very
    cheap but i dont want it more hahaha.

    Ok, now here is my question: the wrist push ups catched my atention. why do you
    do them?are they good for what exactly? are not dangerous for wrist tendons?
    because all the body weight compress them against the floor. i love grip
    training and if they are good for wrist health i will give them a chance but
    first i wanted to know your opinion.

    Keep the good job you are doing Max!

    Thanks from Brazil! (i living