3 Simple Keys to Superior Progress

3 Simple Keys to Superior Progress

Do you find yourself making progress in your strength, mobility, speed, and health?

If so, what do you feel has helped you the most?

If not, why is it that you think you are struggling?

Perhaps I can shed some light on the situation. I believe progress comes down to 3 simple keys. You could argue that there are more components to this, but more DOES NOT equal BETTER.


Whatever you are trying to accomplish–flossing, deadlifting, or talking to women–the key is to do it every damn day. There is something magical about this kind of (almost militant) consistency that changes a person. Even just the ability to say, “I do ‘X’ EVERY DAY,” and have it be TRUE is powerful for your mind. If your goal is to be stronger, then practice strength daily. If your goal is to get better at music, then play every day.

This mentality is where EXCUSES GO TO DIE.3 Simple Keys to Progress

Key Point 2: TECHNICAL EXECUTION (Quality Practice)

Consistency is all well and good, but you need to have adequate instruction, and you need to take pride in the work and practice you are putting in. It’s no good to dry-hump a deadlift bar or pound on a guitar like a monkey trying to open a coconut. Getting proper instruction, and SLOWING DOWN to dial in your technique is critical, no matter what the goal.

Slow down and focus on your technique in as many areas of your life as possible–and, damn it, get some proper instruction! The proper instruction will save you YEARS of wasted time and increase your rate of progress by up to TEN TIMES FASTER.


People don’t become great at things they hate.
If you want to get better at something, you had better learn to love it. How do you find things you love? I think the key is to have options. When it comes to fitness, you need to have a body that can physically handle as many demands as possible–easily.

When it comes to fitness, the key is to have an athletic foundation. That starts with PAIN-FREE TOTAL BODY MOBILITY, and ends with developing a high level of ALL-AROUND ATHLETICISM.

Your body is either a PRISON, or Willy-Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Which is up to YOU.

Write down these three simple keys to progress, and look at them every day. At the end of the day, ask yourself if you followed through. This simple action plan and daily evaluation will help you achieve any goal faster than ever–and have massive amounts of fun while doing it.

Better Every Day,

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