Ultimate Athleticism Series: Discover how easy it can be to become the ultimate athlete !!



Ultimate Athleticism Challenge #3

First off, let me just say what a great job everyone has done on the previous two challenges which can be found here(#1) and here(#2). If you haven’t tried them, give it a go, it’s fun. This months challenge is … Continue reading

Ultimate Athleticism book

The only strength and conditioning program you can do forever

Ultimate Athleticism isn’t a barbell program. It’s not a bodyweight program. It’s not a gymnastics program. It’s just an idea. It’s a way to organize your training based on efficiency and basic economics. The advantage is in its interchangeability. By … Continue reading


Thumb Circles are More Important Now than Ever

Everything we do is subject to the laws of cause and effect. One thing we do a ton of now is texting and spending time in front of the computer. If not, good for you! Maybe this isn’t for you … Continue reading



Dedicated to the pursuit of Movement, Strength, & Education

Max Shank “found” exercise at age 18 without even the ability to touch his toes or do a single pull up.  Upon this discovery Max immersed himself deeply in every piece of information he could get his hands on regarding exercise, from weightlifting to gymnastics and back again. Shortly thereafter he founded Ambition Athletics, out of a desire to help make everyone better, sharing the same strategies that helped him go from “zero to hero.”

Max is a firm believer that everyone should be strong, capable, and confident to handle any situation regardless of age or gender. Apart from being very active in Martial Arts, Max competes in the Highland Games and recommends that adults spend more time in physical “play.” Max has also received an Official Commendation from the United States Marine Corps for services rendered in the course of enhancing the athletic readiness of the 1st Anglico at Camp Pendleton. Learn More

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