Safe, Fun, Effective–The Keys To Long Term Success

Staying engaged in your training isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, for some of us it actually can be monotonous to be deadlifting and squatting all the time (yes ,even me). One major component of success is to keep things fun and interesting. I am often asked what the best program out there for training is–and my response is always the same; “The one you’ll actually do.” I’m not joking, just being consistent and enjoying whatever it is you’re working on puts you so far ahead of the game it’s insane. Not only will the consistency itself pay … Continue reading

Fitness, Health, and Performance

One thing that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of exercise is the primary focus. What is the primary focus of exercise? Is it being “in shape?” Performing at the highest level? How about being healthy? Read my latest below about how all three can exist together. http://rkcblog.dragondoor.com/fitness-health-performance/   Better Every Day, -Max

Load-Bearing Strength

As many of you know, lately I have gravitated toward bodyweight workouts to develop strength. However, what you may not realize, is that I still maintain some heavy lifting to develop load-bearing strength. This is a very different type of strength than bodyweight and should not be neglected if you are looking to become a complete athlete. Read more here: http://www.t-nation.com/training/20-minute-strength-power-workouts  



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Max is a firm believer that everyone should be strong, capable, and confident to handle any situation regardless of age or gender. Apart from being very active in Martial Arts, Max plays tennis regularly and recommends that adults spend more time in physical “play.” Max has also received an Official Commendation from the United States Marine Corps for services rendered in the course of enhancing the athletic readiness of the 1st Anglico at Camp Pendleton. Learn More